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The Husband Chronicles: #24


So there I was, going about my work while The Husband was talking to a friend on the phone. An intense and animated conversation, with hands flying all over the place, when they weren’t running through his hair, and a serious look carved on his face, as he paced up and down the living room.

In the last hour of conversation, since I began eavesdropping, both of them have mapped out the financial future of India, discussed money in sums so huge the correct name for the amount has not been coined yet and discussed plans, about what the PM will (yes they are both very confident that he will!) implement, which the PM has probably not yet even dreamt about.

Acche din aa gaye.
Kiske, we will need to wait and watch.

I am a Punjabi married to a Telugu. It was an arranged marriage. Yes, really.

And like it usually happens in an arranged marriage scenario, my husband and I started getting to know each other post marriage.

The Husband Chronicles first started as a facebook update on a boring Sunday afternoon and most people on my friends list enjoyed the 1st one, and the ones that followed, so much that they kept asking for more.

After the 5th Chronicle I realized that I enjoyed writing them too and began numbering them. From fb status updates they graduated to becoming blog posts.

The Husband feigns indifference and annoyance at being the protagonist of this series, but just between you and me he gets a big thrill at being written about.


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  1. I can imagine the look on your face while over hearing the predictions.I am more likely to do all this than my hubby .So its actually funny when you say this.
    Acchey din aagaya☺

  2. heheh… nice one Mayuri… I was laughing honestly and relating to similar situations at home

  3. Haha..I guess we all can relate to it with our husbands at home. Husband chronicles are fun to read 🙂

  4. I need to read all the posts in this Husband Chronicles series! 😀

  5. Have started to read this story from the Middle .. And am curious so am going to hop across to part 1 and follow it through. I by the way wrote a reality inspired post with the same title ages back on my blog too 🙂

  6. I just discovered the husband chronicles today and read most of it at one go. I’m still smiling. I hope you are planning to come up with some fresh episodes soon.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sonia. The Husband is not giving me any matter lately:))

  7. […] one day, a few months ago I was in the kitchen and The Husband was in the living room having a long conversation on the phone in a serious tone, the contents of which were the gossip shared by […]

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