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He had proposed to her in this restaurant, she smiled at the memory, and it had become their favorite ever since. They’d celebrated every special occasion here, from the proposal which she could never forget, he had the chef conceal the ring into her favorite cheesecake, to their first lunch as a newly-married couple. When he was promoted post-marriage he took her out to lunch and shared his elation and when she found out she was pregnant, she shared the news and her favorite cheesecake with him here. It was ‘their place’, till she saw him here with another woman.



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  1. You have a way of taking us to the top and then letting us fall.Not always gently!Interestingly I will always remember cheesecake and this story

  2. Oh no! That was not good. So well narrated in few words, Mayuri. Good one.

  3. I like the little twist in the last wee bit, its sad! Why can’t people stay happily ever after!

  4. Some places become special with so many memories associated with it. Sad at the last twist.

  5. Mayuri! It felt like a tight slap at last, you really have a way of giving that nicely. so sad and I wish she hadn’t been so vulnerable. I could write a big story on why women trust so easily

  6. Oh you broke my heart with the last line. Why? Why oh why? I was having a smile till then. Meh :/
    P.S: You write so well.

  7. Mayuri you are the best Fiction writer I know and I am glad to be your friend. Loved the twist in the end..I knew you will add some tadka in the end. 🙂

  8. Classic twist in the tale! I loved this! You’re an ace at this you know!

  9. reading happily at beginning like perfect family picture But my heart feels sad at last what its about that happened at the beginning it was love or ….thanks for sharing .would try to write on friday fiction as soon as i can 🙂

  10. This is sad.
    Especially more because the thing which have the most magical memories, also gives you the most severe pain.

  11. The narration is so taut! <3

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