The rant of a Reader

Pronounce marrow. Go on. M A R R O W. Yes.

Now pronounce Tarot the same way. T A R O…stop right there! The T is silent!
Tarot Cards. Taro Cards.
Got it?

In case you are wondering what this is about, I am a Professional Tarot Card Reader.

Only 3 people I’ve met so far have pronounced the word Taro (silent T) like it should. And 3 is not a very encouraging number when you’ve met 1000’s ! It exasperates me when someone says things like ‘We want to do TaroT’ No, you never ‘do’ Tarot, you can’t DO Tarot. What you can have is a ‘Tarot Reading’
Also it never, ever, ever is ‘Tarrots’ *Kill me God!* So, whether it is 1 card or 20 cards it is always Tarot Card or Tarot Cards.

And No, after a single reading, you do not become a Tarot Card Reader yourself. Each of the 78 cards has at least 7 or 8 connotations and when clubbed together with other cards they take on an entirely different significance. So please do not act all knowledgeable and try to tell ME what the cards mean!

The above also applies to anybody who reads their cards on various Tarot Reading websites 20 million times a day and secretly fancy themselves to be some psychic Tarot Card Reader!

Since I am on the topic, I might as well have you know, reading Tarot is never a ‘gift’. It is something to be learnt, under a qualified professional, and practiced and practiced till you are good. So if anyone tells you they are ‘naturally gifted’ or they learnt Tarot Reading ‘by themselves’, just laugh in their face. Really loud! Or better still, come and tell me about them, and we’ll have a good guffaw at their expense.

Finally, so sorry to disappoint you, but I cannot cast a spell on your husband or help you get your mother-in-laws jewelry! I am just a Tarot Card Reader, not God.
At least I can’t complain about my job being boring! ;-D

P:S: This post has been written in jest, do enjoy reading it in the same manner 🙂

15 thoughts on “The rant of a Reader

  1. heheh I can understand your frustration, Mayuri. Tarot card reading is so fascinating. I have never got it done from a professional. Time to approach you perhaps? 😉

  2. Hehe Mayuri, Mispronunciations always get my goat too. And I loved the Do Tarot bit. Surprised you haven’t actually hit people that said stuff like that, I would have 😉

    As you already know I am so fascinated by the spiritual. So getting a Tarot reading done is high on my cards now.

  3. You wont believe it but my today’s post is about Naina dating a Tarot reader!!!!
    I can understand your frustration and totally hear you; been to / met a few mystical readers who told me they were gifted. Thanks for clarifying that this is a learned art and not god given.

  4. Hahahaha. This was a fun read. In a conversation my attention is usually in recollecting the mispronounciations and I actually laugh more than get angry.
    Tarot and spirituality has always fascinated me.

  5. Ha ha ha..really loved the sarcasm! I totally get you about the TaroT…but wait, let me tell you I always pronounced it Taro…so, this gets your counter up, right? 😉

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