Meri Lolo ki leela

Lorraine (Lolo) and I met in school.

Strangely we met because of another girl called Naina. Naina, who used to read novels and tell us stories about all she read. We didn’t realise when bookish stories turned to spinning yarns, but Lolo and I were hooked! So before school started, and during any other opportunity we got, Lolo and I looked for Naina.


Lolo was a studious student and I was a not so studious one. We finished standard 10, where Lolo got a great percentage, but naturally, and I couldn’t boast of the same. We went to the same college though, she choosing Science and me in the Arts section. Our timings and schedules were different so if we met at all it was when we travelled to and from college together.

She then moved to Mangalore for her medical studies, and we lost touch. And suddenly one day in walks Lolo to give me the biggest surprise on my birthday! And she was now married! It was a double treat!

We lost touch again, for years this time. Then out of the blue I received an email from her, and emails connected us this time. After which Fb got us back, and whatsapp got us closer. Thanks to whatsapp we are in touch throughout the day, despite she being in London and me in Bangalore.

Lolo is a doctor who juggles home, kids and work. She has the most amazing sense of humor. She is an Encyclopedia on anything Bollywood. She gets the cutest and deepest dimples when she smiles. She is one strong woman whom I am proud to know. The most comforting aspect of being friends with Lolo is that I can speak my heart out to her. Whether I have made a colossal fool of myself or need to gloat about a victory, Lolo is the only friend I seek out.

We discuss everything. And I mean everything. From how Politicians have no idea to run the country to what to cook for the next meal.
Lolo is the first person in the world to read my writing, before I share it with anyone. She’s the first person I share a juicy piece of gossip with.
She’s someone whom I ask for advice, and take it too.

We’ve drifted apart so many times, no thanks to my temperamental nature (which I apologize for, Lolo) but Lolo always manages to creep back into the place in my heart that is reserved for her.

We haven’t attended each other’s weddings nor have we met each other’s spouses, and I have still to meet Lolo’s kids,is my deepest regret, the other one being that we haven’t met, for 17 years now! And we hope to change that soon! After all, we do need a latest pic together, don’t we, Lolo? ;-D

And yes, we are both still looking for Naina , and hope to get in touch with her.

10 thoughts on “Meri Lolo ki leela

  1. Wow, I am so glad you could get in touch. Although we are in this highly connected world of social media,there are a few of my childhood friends that I couldn’t find
    I hope you find Naina and meet Lolo soon. 🙂

  2. For one moment I thought you were referring to Karishma Kapoor..her nick is also Lolo. The best thing about social media how it helps us connect after ages…met a couple of friends and teachers. A Mumbai friend I used to hang out with after 8 years and glad to see she is now a well know stylist in the industry. Enjoyed reading the post:)

  3. Mayuri , I have two friends like that. We havent attended each other’s weddings . I keep losing touch with one but when we pick up a conversation , its as if nothing has changed. The other one I try to keep in touch with – but we all are in different cities , continents even.
    I guess we all have that one friend. The relationship with whom defies all logic and distance does make heart grow fonder..

  4. Loving this series of posts dedicated to BFFs. Hope you and Lolo are able to meet soon – because you do need a latest picture, if that pic was the most recent one you have. 😀

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