Movie Review – Pink


Pink is the color of a blush.
A blush that blooms on your face from embarrassment and shame.

The shame when you realise that the prejudices shown in the film could be yours.
The embarrassment which makes you cringe for keeping quiet when you shouldn’t have.
The shame, remembering when you judged something you shouldn’t have.

Watch #Pink for the 3 girls, who shine despite the muck splashed upon them.
Watch Pink to see fine film making.
Watch Pink to see a film that dared to be made.
Watch Pink for Amitabh Bachchan, who proves that a Lion may get old but it takes just a single roar to remind you who was, is and always will be, the King of the Jungle.

1 thought on “Movie Review – Pink

  1. But what’s the actual reality? Are the girls the perpetrators or the victims? A gritty thriller Pink attempts to answer questions pertinent to the society. Pink addresses some grave issues like women safety in the capital city and that how Power overules court judgements. Right from the trailer, the film has been generating a lot of curiosity. Will it be able to put across its strong message to the society? My answer is YES.

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