10 things I do when The Husband is out of town!

On a blog hopping spree I came across Geetikas fun postreading through which I found many similarities, and the topic for my next post!:)
      10 things I do when The Husband is out of town!
            1) Vegetate. Completely and shamelessly.
As calm as a meditating monk or as indolent as a sloth, take your pick as long as you get the picture!:)
2) Don’t clean the house and mess it up further!
The house looks very unlike mine usually does. What never fails to surprise me is that even my borderline-OCD self approves! 
3) No TV. At all.
Ah! The peace! The peace! No sports and no news!!
4) No talking 
…as only whatsapp and twitter and fb, the whole day! Social Media – uninterrupted! Joy!
5) Sleep early. Or late. Or not at all…
      …if there is an interesting book begging to be read!
6) No menu planning!
      If there is anything I hate more than I hate cooking, it has to be wondering what to cook! 
      Just thinking about ‘What to make for breakfast/lunch/dinner’ kills me!
7)Window shop and wander about
      …or go watch a film, alone!
8) Eat cereal for dinner
      …and a PBJ sandwich for lunch! Or Ice-cream for all meals!
      9) Enjoy the silence…
      …of an empty house. Till it starts freaking me out, at least!
10) Miss him!

      It’s all fun for a maximum of 3 days, after which I want my Husband back!

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Day 6
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5 thoughts on “10 things I do when The Husband is out of town!

  1. Haha..That was totally a fun to read! And yes,we like our husbands gone for max 3 days, post that we want them back!! Are we sounding selfish here? May be? But who cares! And not cleaning the house and NOT thinking what to cook brings major peace of mind!

    Glad my post helped you find the inspiration! 🙂


  2. OMG that’s what I like to do too! I must admit though that hubby Dear is OCD and when he is not around I use the time to cleanup my mess . But the ice cream for lunch is my kind of scene and yes I’m thrilled I get the TV to watch by myself.

  3. Haha….all for reading….no talking….eating junk and vegetating. why should we be left behind? Hell, our husbands do that even in our presence!
    I almost started dreaming, M. Time to pack off my husband somewhere for 3 days now.

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