The Husband Chronicles: #12


A few days ago, The Husband was reading an article about Hugh Hefner. He put the paper down and announced to me ‘This man is my idol!’, punching Hugh’s wrinkled face on the paper, even as he smiled impishly.

I rolled my eyes.

This morning an article on Silvio Berlusconi caught his eye. ‘I love this man, he’s my idol!’ Unfortunately there was no accompanying picture of the comical Berlusconi to punch on paper, though the mischievous smile did make a re-appearance.

‘Interesting choice of idols…’ I responded, adding ‘ …if you must know, then Elizabeth Taylor is mine…’

You could have heard a pin drop.

I am a Punjabi married to a Telugu. It was an arranged marriage. Yes, really.

And like it usually happens in an arranged marriage scenario, my husband and I started getting to know each other post marriage.

The Husband Chronicles first started as a facebook update on a boring Sunday afternoon and most people on my friends list enjoyed the 1st one, and the ones that followed, so much that they kept asking for more.

After the 5th Chronicle I realized that I enjoyed writing them too and began numbering them. From fb status updates they graduated to becoming blog posts.

The Husband feigns indifference and annoyance at being the protagonist of this series, but just between you and me he gets a big thrill at being written about.

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