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Let’s pretend to be friends

Let’s pretend to be friends
and talk about things we hear and see.
Discussing the weather
the world, the news.
Everything, except you and me.
Let’s pretend to be friends
as we exchange snippets of our lives.
The designers we so love
bags and shoes we both covet
“I love the way Kareena does her eyes!”
Let’s pretend to be friends
as we carve time from hectic schedules
To meet once in a few years,
few months…few weeks
and talk about our busy lives.
Let’s pretend to be friends
meeting for coffee or a meal.
And smile delightedly
for pictures we’ll put up on Facebook
For similar friends on our list to see.

4 thoughts on “Let’s pretend to be friends

  1. Thanks, Shells. Just when I imagined I'd forgotten to write poetry, I wrote this.
    Ummmm…this is not about friends we bump into online, it's about friendship in general, or 'faux friendships' as I refer to them as'-D

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