Of confusion, coffee, ‘Bhaiyya’ and Nahinnn….;)

Rajesh Golani’s, very amusing post, triggered off this response;

Please note: My post is directed at the questions Rajesh’s post raised and not at him.


First things first, I absolutely abhor this addressing guys as ‘Bhaiyya’ business. I swear, even my trusted subziwala packs in inferior vegetables when I address him as ‘Bhaiyya’, though my mother vehemently disagrees, citing my annual visits as the real reason.
So imagine the plight of those guys who are addressed as ‘Bhaiyya’ by every Priya, Pinky and Pooja whom they see in ‘that way.’

‘I can’t look at you in that way’ is a line I am guilty of using more times than I would like to admit.

When I was younger, foolish and pushed into a corner and asked to elaborate on why I couldn’t see them ‘that way’, to save my skin and the guys feelings, I’d blurt out ‘Because you are like my brother.’

Though those guys weren’t anything remotely like my brother who, while we’re on the subject, is a strapping, tall, dark, handsome, though sometimes very exasperating, lad. Because, if they would be anything like him, minus the exasperating bit, I wouldn’t be using the line ‘I can’t look at you that way’ in the first place.

However, having grown older and wiser, besides realizing and accepting the fact that NO Indians are my bothers, except one, I am now honest enough to not use the ‘Because you are like my brother’ line.

Now, when pushed into a corner and asked to elaborate on the ‘Why’ after I’ve told them that ‘I can’t look at you that way’ I quell their bubbling curiosity by enlightening them with the precise reason.
Then as I walk away, I hear faint whispers like, ‘…thinks no end of her self…’ , ‘choke her or strangle her?’ and assorted other similar terminology floating my way.

The reasons a girl declines coffee could surprise you. And the biggest surprise is that you hardly figure in any of the reasons.
Ranging from the fact that coffee is not the brew of her choice, to maybe she doesn’t like the cutlery in the particular place you were asking her out to (warned ya, you’d be surprised!)

What? You didn’t mention any place yet?

Oh! Oh! What was the color of the shirt you wearing when you asked, then? (Sorry, but Orange reminds her of the Shiv Sena) What cologne were you wearing? (Sporty colognes remind her of the *&%$#@ ex-boyfriend) Were your shoes right? (Badly scuffed shoes remind her of her horribly cruel PT teacher from school)

So, you see, It’s Not About You.

You think it about looks then? Wrong, again!

Ok, let me explain something more. It is never, ever about good looks and the perfect physique for girls, contrary to what guys think. You don’t believe me?


Look around you and tell me who is the hottest hunk women drool over right now? Go on.
It’s Abhishek Bachchan. Does he have the perfect abs? (Not. He even has a bit of a tummy for God’s sake!) Besides a tummy, he has the worst hair and hairstyle in the history of mankind and don’t even get me started about his ungainly gait and the extra weight!
But girls drool over him more than they drool over Hritik Roshan, who has the six-pack, the right hair and hairstyle and chiseled face and what not!
Why? Only God, and the girls, know.

So don’t ever try to fathom why a girl turns down coffee, and trust me when I say It’s Not About You.

Just smile your smile, be yourself and try asking a girl out with a ‘Would you like to join me for a glass of Orange Juice’ instead.
Either she’ll be too stunned to react and just nod a submissive ‘Yes’, or her mind will start whirring faster than the cash register at her favorite boutique and she’ll connect things you can’t even dream of, for instance ‘heaskedmeoutforanorangejuice-thatsmeansheisadifferentsortaguy-whichmeansibettersnaghimbeforeanyofmyfriendsdo.’

And before you know it you’ll be sitting across her, nourishing your health with Vitamin C and nourishing your ego with the smiles she’s flashing your way and maybe, just maybe she’ll start thinking of you and seeing you in ‘that way.’


4 thoughts on “Of confusion, coffee, ‘Bhaiyya’ and Nahinnn….;)

  1. I agree with what you are saying.. those words are so elusive.. maybe, we look for a guy who is different, and this ‘i dont c u that way’ is a way of telling him who he reminds us of.. and HE doesnt have to be a brother or a hunk.. could just be some crappy guy who u cant stand, rite! 😉

    Nice post!

  2. Hi! Loved the new look of your blog. How did you do this ? Blogger has such boring blog templates. Please please help me with mine!

    This one is more ‘You’ 🙂
    Will keep coming more often.
    Happy Holi 🙂


  3. M! Dunno about others, but your visits and comments always leave a smile on my face:-)
    And, I think its better to be Ms. Arrogant than be Ms.Stupid n Ignorant:-)
    Happy Woman’s Day!

  4. Aparna:)
    You are so right! 😉 I am cautious of the guys I can’t stand at first sight. And wary of the ones I drool at instantly. Lol!

    Thanks,Suniti 😉 Sent you the link. Now give your blog a makeover FAST!

    Iris 🙂
    Stupid and ignorant? Now why on Godsgreenearth would anyone want to be labeled with those words?
    Arrogance? I still have a few more rough edges to buff and smoothen before I can wear that word comfortably. For now I would like to believe that the word ‘Confident’ exemplifies me perfectly ;)))

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