Of stupid people/questions and other assorted foibles

Among the many stupid questions I am asked frequently “Why are you always so happy” and “Why do you smile so much” top the list.

Initially I assumed these were trick questions and waited to see if something would follow. Then I slotted them in the questions-that-had-no-correct-answers category and refrained from answering them.

But coming across an increasing number of stupid-people-armed-with-even-more-stupid-questions everyday I feel the need to prepare myself with suitable answer/s.
Since my answer “Because I have a lot to be happy about” only worked initially and that too only for a bit, because then I was asked to elaborate on what I was happy about (I’m telling you, stupid people just don’t give up!) I have now armed myself with counter questions like “Why are you so ugly” or “Why are you so short” or “Why are you so inquisitive”. Nice,no? 😉

The other stupid question on the list is “How are the cards doing/what do the cards say” *and this question realllllyyyyyy infuriates me!!* Do you ask a surgeon “How’s your scalpel doing” or ask a doctor “How are your patients doing”? (If you do, you need help) They why ask a Tarot Reader how her cards her doing EACH AND EVERY TIME you meet her both online and otherwise???? *beginning to tear my hair apart here*
And if couldn’t get any worse, the above question is followed by a smug “Ain’t I clever for askin’ such a smart question” smile.
The cards don’t have health issues, so they are always doing fine nor do they whisper in my ear because of which I don’t really know what they have to say. And no, I don’t think you are incredibly clever either. There! I feel so much better already. This answer rocks too! *wink, wink and smug smile*

“Why do you wear goggles?” Is that even a question, I ask myself each time I am faced with it! *Goggles? GOGGLES? Honest to God, I thought that word was more outdated than anything else could be!*
I love buying and wearing SUNGLASSES and though I can’t boast of a collection yet I do have some very good pieces that I wear frequently. Besides the fact that they look good on me, they also protect my eyes from sunlight *and isn’t that what they ARE worn for???*
But, instead of such a long-winded answer I just turn around and ask “Why don’t you?”
That shuts them up! 😉 I have other ones lined up too, like “Do you wear underwear?” or “Do you have both kidneys” *totally irrelevant I know, but then that IS the point (lol)*

Now I am all prepared for the next person who wants an answer to a “Why” *wicked grin and madly twinkling eyes* and shall keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “Of stupid people/questions and other assorted foibles

  1. Hey:)
    wish you a very happy birthday!!! Bless nohairbrain for leading me to you-you’re just my brand of madness!!

    Hope you have a great time!!

  2. *Anon
    I would love to!Problem is, i’ve sworn off coffee till the year 3075.Maybe after that?
    This seems to be a birthday month for me:)Many thanks for your wishes and for dropping by:)Do let NHB know i’m missing his visits to my blog.
    It is bluddy funny, yes ;)))))

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