B is for… AtoZChallenge

Belagavi Kunda Belagavi Kunda was a sweet that was created accidentally, when a sweet maker left a large quantity of milk on the stove and forgot to switch off the flame. The Milk continued to boil for hours till it formed a brown mass. The […]

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The Blog Commandments

Getting a Blog is akin to catching the common cold these days, eventually most people get it. So, once you’ve got a Blog what do you do? You write, you post and share your post with friends and/or the social media and think you a […]

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Death Tower

A while ago I wrote a story called Hot Shower, and had people ask me what happened next? Read on to find out 🙂 Varun thought he heard a whoop. Or did he? Everything seemed blurred through the fuzzy curtain of sleep and he turned, […]

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