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Stop! #BangaloreMolestation

  Yesterday, I turned an observer. I observed myself. I dressed up to meet a friend and as I did I realised that I looked at myself from every angle ensuring that the kurta I was wearing wasn’t too well fitted and my flowing hair […]

Why I keep Karwa Chauth, and why should you keep your opinion about it to yourself.

Karwa Chauth is an annual festival largely observed by women in the Hindi-speaking Northern and Central regions of India. It usually occurs 10 days before Diwali, and on this day women fast without food or water from dawn till they spot the moon, as they […]


  As girls we grew up hearing, ‘There is safety in numbers’. We started believing it when we were whistled at, or followed, or deliberately brushed against, or had filmy songs sung loudly for us as we walked the streets alone. We protested, we raged, […]

Messages From The Other Planet

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This is a topic that has been discussed and dissected when it is not being used, abused, referred to or taken advantage of, each time debating inhabitants of Mars and Venus come face to face. Because […]

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