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Sunset in the Jungle #ThursdayTreeLove #Week9

  Did I tell you I love Ranthambore? Being there is more than just about Tiger spotting. You lose your mobile network as soon as you enter the park and without any connectivity to the world outside the park gates, it is just you and […]

#ThursdayTreeLove #Week8

Ranthambore National Park is not only about Tiger and animal spotting. The landscape in the enormous park is stunning, no matter what the season may be. As Jeeps jump over these rough paths trees flash by in a whir , the colours changing rapidly. This […]

Of Peacocks and Trees #ThursdayTreeLove #Week7

Of Peacocks and Trees #ThursdayTreeLove #Week7

The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail – Rabindranath Tagore The forests of Ranthambore are not only known for their Tigers. Sometimes, in the middle of a safari, as the sun mocks down at you and all the animals […]

#ThursdayTreeLove #Week6

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. there is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter – Rachel […]

#ThursdayTreeLove #Week5

The trees are God’s great alphabet: With them He writes in shining green Across the world His thoughts serene. ~Leonora Speyer On a road adjacent to Lalbagh Gardens my Mobile Cam captures this canopy of trees shading us from the harsh afternoon sunlight. Linking up […]

Light and Shadow #ThursdayTreeLove – 3

All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow – Leo Tolstoy This pic was clicked in Coorg via my MobileCam. No filter. Linking up with Paruls weekly #ThursdayTreeLove

#QuotedStories with #ThursdayTree Love – Week 2

“There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.” ― Guy Gavriel Kay Linking up with Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove and Upasna and Rohan for #QuotedStories A long time ago I undertook a professional Baking Course. It was an extensive […]

#ThursdayTreeLove – 1

Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness. ~Khalil Gibran Linking up with Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove

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