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Why you should not ask me for a free Tarot Reading #ChattyBlogs

Last week someone offered to write me a poem, on me. In return for a Tarot Reading, by me. For free. Was I flattered? You bet I was! Would the poem pay my bills? I bet it won’t! I get this often, you know. Someone […]

Your Tarot Predictions 2017

  Hello there! How are you doing? How was the year 2016 for you? How did it treat you? Are you sad that it is over, or glad to bid good bye to it? Wondering what 2017 hold for you? Hop over to my Tarot […]

Tarot #Misconceptions

Follow my blog with Bloglovin ‘So, where is the crystal ball?’ he asked, his eyes scanning the room. ‘Why is your office so brightly lit? And why no incense fumes surrounding you?’ she wanted to know. ‘Ah! The Death Card! I am doomed!’ he explained, […]

Demystifying Tarot

Curious to know how Tarot works? Read on to find out. Some basic terms you should know before you read further; * Readings – A Tarot Reading is an arrangement of cards drawn from a shuffled deck. * Spread – The layout of the Tarot Cards drawn is known […]

The rant of a Reader

Pronounce marrow. Go on. M A R R O W. Yes. Now pronounce Tarot the same way. T A R O…stop right there! The T is silent! Tarot Cards. Taro Cards. Got it? In case you are wondering what this is about, I am a […]

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