#FridayFotoFiction #Week14

Pic Courtesy: 18 year old Warren D’Souza, student from London

My 100 word story based on the Photo Prompt above

Ron was furious!
He glowered at his house. No one cared if he was around or not. Even his parents seemed to have forgotten him. More so after his younger brother arrived to usurp their affections two years ago.
His friends, his school mates, his neighbours even his enemies looked through him these days! It was weird and even though he didn’t show it, it hurt. He would confront his parents today, he decided.
Ron sat on the wall and waited for his parents, who were seated inside at a prayer meet for their eldest son, Ron’s, first death anniversary.

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#ThankfulThursdays #Week17


The world is made up of Givers and Takers. People who like to give are loved by people who like to take. And people who like to take are needed by people who like to give. It’ s a vicious cycle really, that sometimes lasts a lifetime for some.While some people give and take mindlessly, on a need based arrangement, and move on, there are others who pause to feel gratitude.
Feeling Gratitude is a very rare phenomena and expressing it even more so. Gratitude makes for great hashtags or posts but it is not expressed as often as it should be.
Feeling Thankful silently is like wrapping a present for someone and not giving it to them. Yes, that is exactly what it feels like. You know you chose and picked a present for someone, wrapped it up and then just didn’t give it to them. Meanwhile, the other person is clueless about the entire process you went through for them. So your entire exercise was futile, right?
When you express Gratitude you make the person you feel gratuitous towards happy. In return you feel good, at sharing your thoughts and seeing the happiness on someone else’s face. With two people happy, positivity blooms and sometimes even becomes contagious.
Don’t believe me? Try it, I assure you you will not regret it.

Feel it, share it, spread it!

Thank you for reading my post, wishing you a great day!:)



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The Staircase #FridayFotoFiction

At age 92 Dadiji could not climb those stairs anymore.

But a mysterious smile lit up her face each morning as she lay down on her bed placed on the verandah so she could soak in the morning sun and her rheumy eyes focused on the staircase.

For these were the stairs that she, as a newly-wed 15 year old girl, ran up chased by her 21 year old Husband to the terrace at every opportunity they could get.

Away from the chores, the melee of relatives and responsibilities, where two young hearts found each other, love and created memories.



5 Vices I am Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays

Without enthusiasm, virtue functions not at all, and vice only poorly

 ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960~

Virtues are what we are proud of and like to talk about while Vices, if acknowledged at all to begin with, are usually brushed under the carpet. I like to keep both, my Virtues and Vices in check, even update some occasionally, as it is wise and even fun to know your strengths and let your weaknesses work for you and not against you.

To begin with, I am terribly impatient, hyper even, though my calm visage makes that difficult for many to believe. Being impatient means I like to get most things done myself, and get them done now! And that is how I do things, multitasking away in top speed, and ‘efficiently’ as others think!

It doesn’t help that I am borderline OCD as well, so every morning I can be found whizzing around the house getting it organized as I can’t write until the house is neat as a pin.

I am always Online, is what you’ll find my family complaining, and I agree with it. Being online keeps me in touch with them, and in touch with happenings around the world, Google is my best friend and answers all that I want to know, which is why you’ll hardly find me annoying people with constant queries.

 I am often told I come across as intimidating and/or arrogant. When I was younger these adjectives hurt, and I tried to dispel the notion to whoever had them. But with each passing year I feel more comfortable being called intimidating and /or arrogant as it keeps the riff raff away. People can think what they wish to, I know my truth and seek no validation for it.

And if you haven’t realized it yet, I am painfully honest! No, not brutally honest but painfully so. Because being honest causes me the most pain! * add guffaw here *

So, what are the vices you are thankful for?

I love my Blog #BlogChatter

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Ajay Kontham


I started off with a diary, but couldn’t sustain it for long

The ink would spread and the words bled leaving me forlorn

I had so many words and thoughts trapped inside of me

I wanted to write them down to save them for posterity

So what did I do? I signed up for a blog

‘Deliciously Alive’, it was called for 12 years long

I wrote and published and I also shared

With people very few, only those I knew who cared

And then I met BlogChatter and things began to change

I realized that I needed a bigger home and a decided on a new name

I now own a tiny space on the vast internet, it’s called Sirimiri

Sirimiri is Latin for a fine drizzle of rain, isn’t the name quirky?

I thought it was apt for my blog which is why I named it so

My blog represents me and we should match, don’t you think so?

Sirimiri is a fine drizzle of words, in my case

Words that fall softly but once read don’t leave you the same

My Blog is my calling card it will lead you to me

When you visit and leave a comment behind, I smile showing 32 teeth

Sirimiri is where you’ll find my varied feelings, happiness and angst

My unfiltered thoughts, celebrations and my rants

My blog has grown with me as we traversed together through the years

Acquiring a sheen of wisdom and facing all our fears

I think these are reasons enough to show my love for my blog

Thought they keep changing and multiplying these will do for now

I love Sirimiri and Sirimiri is me

We both are open books that choose the page we want you to read.

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Chandni 

5 Things that irritate me about My Husband #FridayReflections

6 years of an Arranged Marriage and I happily admit that I am still getting to know my Husband. The Husband, on the other hand claims to have read me inside out * insert eye roll *

6 years though is just enough time for me to find out and write on 5 things that irritate you about your partner, a prompt on Friday Reflections hosted by Sanch  and Corinne.

So, what is it about my Husband that irritates me? Here goes!

He has the attention span of an Ant!  When he has a faraway look in his eyes and looks as peaceful as The Buddha as I talk to him I know his attention has drifted away someplace else. Grrrrr! It was terribly exasperating when that happened in the earlier years of marriage, but now as soon as that glazed look appears in his eyes a gleam appears in mine. And I whip out my mobile and start doing what I want to do. He snaps to attention immediately, making me wonder if his attention had really wandered, or not! * cocks eyebrow *

He is a terrible listener!  With the attention span of an Ant is it any surprise that he is a bad listener? Not! Funny thing is he looks so attentive when I, or someone else, talks that most people think he is such a sincere and attentive listener! * insert guffaw * Well, they aren’t the ones who are married to him, are they now? You know those jokes that say, ‘Husbands are the best people to tell secrets to. They’ll never tell anyone because they aren’t even listening’ ? Well, I am living proof of this * insert wink *

He is always on the Phone!  Where did the ‘Terrible Listener’ go you are wondering? I do too! From friends calling him up, and vice versa, asking for his views on which car to buy to who will win the next Election he is on the phone discussing it all. Tired of waiting for a break between phone calls I have mastered the art of communicating with him through sign language or writing on paper and holding it up for him to read. I now have a fair idea how long which telephonic chat will last and plan my chores and indulgences accordingly. * pats herself on the back *

He is Messy!  And no, not the footballer! I, on the other hand am an organized, almost borderline OCD person. So you can well imagine my state, can’t you? 5 minutes of him walking into the house and you would think someone switched on a giant fan and shook up my, previously orderly, home. No, I don’t know how he does it, but believe me, my research is on. I even wake up earlier to read the paper, as after the Husband is done reading it it is such a mangled mess that all I can do is bin it.

He is a Foodie!  His love for good food is legendary! Little surprise then that I learnt to cook post marriage only for him. Rainy Days see hot Samosas, Kachori’s and Jalebi’s making an appearance at home. If the Home Meal Menu is boring * read healthy * before I realise it, a home delivery person is ringing my doorbell handing me something, mostly sinful. We go out to buy a strip of Paracetamol and end up having dinner or lunch and carry home a dessert as well. If only we had the metabolism to match his love for food!

So here it is, our crazy life. And all said and done, I will admit, there is not a single dull moment to be had when he’s around, and I have got so used to all his quirks that after a short period of peace I start getting withdrawal symptoms.

It is marriage, love or just being used to each other? We are still debating that one. If only he would listen long enough!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Patidev!


On Hurt #MayTivation

We all get hurt. We all also hurt.

But when you carry forward a hurt done to you long after the reason for it has either ceased to exist or faded away then it is only YOU are only hurting yourself, not the person nor the situation.

When you refuse to let go of any hurt inflicted, you’ re hurting yourself more than the person or situation that hurt you.

Most people are also afraid to let go of hurt as once they let go they are faced with emptiness and the responsibility of thinking and answering themselves what next?

Any situation or emotion has power over you only as long as you allow it to, because it is wiser to control emotions rather than let emotions control you.

Life is beautiful and there are so many more emotions to experience and moments to create. Why would you want to be stuck in a toxic pit of hurt?

As the happy, high and wise Bob Marley said – ‘The truth is that everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones suffering for’




Why are you Thankful for Love in your life? #ThankfulThursdays

Being Thankful does not come easily and naturally to most, but when it does and becomes a habit it enriches your life.

I was an almost regular writer and contributor for Thankful Thursdays, till Amrita, who co-hosts it with Tina suggested that Deepa and I join them as co-hosts. In a time when it’s everyone for themselves and putting yourself first is the new cool I was moved and amazed by Amrita’s gesture. So, from writing for #ThankfulThursdays I am one of the co-hosts, just one more thing to be Thankful for;

Why are you Thankful for Love in your life?

Love is one of the basics needs of human beings. After food, water, air, health and money we need love and need to be loved.

I will be eternally grateful for the love and sound upbringing my Parents gave me and that I learnt so much from watching them, from helping people as much as you can, in any way you can. In passing on the belief that I always have enough, and to be Thankful for it all.

Thankful to my strict Convent School upbringing, which I understandably hated then, but because of which I picked up the habit of Reading, thanks to Library Period. My love for Reading has ensured that I am never lonely and I keep upgrading myself. Since life is too short and experiences way too many a love for Reading lets you be part of an experience without going through it yourself.

Thankful to you, my readers, who read all that I write and some even share their thoughts in the form of likes and comments. People can argue away that Likes and Comments don’t matter but to me they are a way you respond to my writing and pictures and that matters to me, as that is your way for showing your love.

The love of true friends, who do not shy away from reprimanding you when you’re wrong and double your happiness by sharing it with you when you win.

Most of all I am thankful for the Love I have for myself. I believe that when you fall in love with yourself, it is an affair that lasts a lifetime, giving you the guidance no one can and making your stronger.

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The Power of Prestige

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping outside your window, sunshine trying to peek in through your drapes and doing a shimmy on water gently lapping away in an Infinity Pool. Pathways lined with the fresh green of plants and flowers adding pops of colour to the greens.

And this oasis of calm tucked away in a bustling city.

You’re wondering if you read right, aren’t you?

Yes, you did.

  • Overview
  • View from the Villas
    View from the Villas
  • View from the Club House
    View from the Club House
  • A 4 Bhk Villa
    A 4 Bhk Villa
  • Greenery everywhere
    Greenery everywhere
  • Greens & Flowers
    Greens & Flowers
  • The Pathways
    The Pathways

As I’m only describing Prestige Glenwood, the latest project by Prestige Constructions in the upcoming area of Budigere, in Bangalore city.

The Prestige Group is one of the top names in the construction business. Their tastefully constructed properties can be found dotting the landscape of Bangalore, and beyond, and now they are inching towards developing the upcoming area of North Bangalore, by creating housing for people on untouched land. Budigere is located about 20 Kms from M.G.Road which is in the heart of Bangalore City and about 20 Kms from The Kempegowda International Airport.

Prestige Glenwood is just another feather in their crowded cap. Spread over 15 Acres of land, 116 Villas of varied sizes are laid out in an aesthetically appealing layout. Take your pick from from 4 Bedroom Villas to Twin Houses, starting from 3694 Sqft and 3662 Sqft to 2940 Sqft

Each villa has its own private car park and the kitchen opening out to a little backyard, 12 feet floor to ceiling height and its personal balcony and terrace. 24-hour water supply with Solar Powered Geysers and all Bathroom Fittings by Kohler. Generators are on standby as a backup in case of power failure. The Vaastu Compliant construction has all houses face the East, West or North and no South facing houses.

  • The Balcony
    The Balcony
  • The Living Room of the Model Villa
    The Living Room of the Model Villa
  • The Bathroom
    The Bathroom
  • 24 hour Water Supply with Solar powered Water heaters
    24 hour Water Supply with Solar powered Water heaters
  • The Kitchen of the Model Villa
    The Kitchen of the Model Villa
  • 2nd Bedroom of the Model Villa
    2nd Bedroom of the Model Villa
  • The Master Bedroom of the Model Villa
    The Master Bedroom of the Model Villa
  • 3rd Bedroom of the Model Villa
    3rd Bedroom of the Model Villa
  • Dining & Living Room View from above - Model Villa
    Dining & Living Room View from above - Model Villa
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The New Baldwin International Residential School is right next door and a Mango Orchard skirts the border of the property on one side.

Amenities on the Property and in the Club House include, a well-equipped spacious Gymnasium with Machines by ‘Precor’, an infinity Pool, Squash Court, Tennis Court , Badminton Court. An indoor Sports Area, a Yoga Room and Children’s play area and indoor Playroom. A Billiards Room.  A convenience store on the premises will be coming up soon.

  • Tennis Court
    Tennis Court
  • Play Area
    Play Area
  • The Billiards Room
    The Billiards Room
  • Machines by Precor
    Machines by Precor
  • The Spacious Gym
    The Spacious Gym
  • Top of the line equipment at the Gym
    Top of the line equipment at the Gym

Looking to buy your dream home with Prestige? But you think that it may be beyond your budget? Well quality does come at a price, but Prestige makes it easy for you to own a Villa or a Twin House at Prestige Glenwood, or in any of the constructed Prestige Properties with the Power of 3, a scheme that lets you save even as you pay towards owning your own home . It can’t get better than this!Hurry, as this offer closes on the 12th of February, 2017!

For more information on Prestige Projects have a look here

I was invited by the Prestige Group to Prestige Glenwood, but all views expressed are my own.

On Honesty #MayTivation

We all know someone, or probably even are that someone, who boasts of being brutally honest.

They wear that badge with pride, trampling on feelings, crushing confidences and sometimes bringing tears to other people’s eyes with their, self-proclaimed version of , ‘Brutal Honesty’. Sometimes making you wonder what do they enjoy more, the brutality or the honesty? Because, more often than not, the very same people cannot accept anyone else being honest with them. And I am not even talking about being brutally honest here, just plain honest.

Honesty is difficult. People may endorse it, claim to have plenty of it but very few people appreciate it.

We may be honest in our mind but on the journey from thought to words honesty usually transforms into diplomacy, and sometimes even lies. For a number of reasons, like we don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings, or don’t want to be disliked being the top two.

Should you be honest then? Yes, please! With people who know you, and will appreciate that trait. With people who know you mean well and won’t hold speaking the truth against you.

What about with the others? Keep mum, or be diplomatic, till you get to know them well enough for them to appreciate your honesty.