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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 3 Movies

A few years ago I watched Amar Prem on television and that film has made a place in my heart. 2 Adults and 1 Child, all 3 unwanted by their families and society , come together and create a beautiful relationship based on pure love. Super songs that linger in memory were an added bonus. …


My all-time Favorite Film, and why : #TadkaTuesday

  Pic Courtesy: Google A few years ago on a boring Sunday afternoon as I was idly changing television channels, the title of a film ‘The Green Mile’ caught my eye, and since it was going to be telecast in the next 10 minutes I decided to watch it. The Green Mile is a story …


Fully Filmy Family #TadkaTuesday

Which movie/s do you relate to most, and why, was the prompt by #TadkaTuesday and the fl0odgates of memory opened up! Have you watched the film , Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Or the Indian version of the same, Satte pe Satta? You have? Well, I’ve lived it. I grew up in a big family, …