You #MayTivation

So, who is the most important person in your life? Go, on tell me. Let me guess, your parents/siblings/spouse/children? Right? Wrong! The most important person in your life should be YOU! You, because you are the owner of your life. You, because a healthy relationship with yourself ensures healthy relationships with everyone in your life.… Continue reading You #MayTivation


No one gets to choose how you should feel #MayTivation

    When one faces an uncomfortable situation or unpleasant behavior by another person(s), the most instinctive reaction is to discuss it with people you are close you. Almost always the most common advice you are likely to get for sharing something that has hurt you will be on the lines of, ‘Forget about it’,… Continue reading No one gets to choose how you should feel #MayTivation


Energy Vampires #MayTivation

  We’ve all heard of ‘Dracula’, the Vampire who sucks the life blood out of it’s victim, leaving them drained and lifeless. How many of us realise that at some point in our life we become, or have, a ‘Dracula’ in our life too. ‘Dracula’ or ‘Energy Sappers’ are people who latch on to other… Continue reading Energy Vampires #MayTivation


You’re worth it #MayTivation

When you don’t know or realise your value there will be times when people will undermine your worth or even tell you that you’re worth nothing. And because you are unaware of your worth you might also believe them. The cycle of second guessing yourself, your actions, choices and behaviour starts, makes you lose confidence… Continue reading You’re worth it #MayTivation



We’ve all probably heard the saying, ‘You’re known by the company you keep’. But how many of us realise that we eventually become the company we keep too? Everyday relationships, friendships and even acquaintance-ships have the slow and silent power to rub off their effects and behavioural patterns onto you. When you find yourself amongst… Continue reading BeYOUtiful