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Of Knowing Yourself #MayTivation

Of Knowing Yourself #MayTivation

That wonder that is technology these days is ensuring that we are in touch with everyone, no matter where we are or they may be. Apart from being with the people present in our lives physically, all our waking hours are spent with people virtually. […]

Of Kindness, Words and Love #MayTivation

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest Most of us are the epitome of good manners when we speak in public. We take care to choose the right words, the right tone, the right pronunciations even the right pauses. We are careful about framing our thoughts and sentences as […]

On Being Nice #MayTivation

I am a people’s person. I like meeting people. I like getting to know people. I like people. When you meet people get to know them, you learn new things and your horizons widen. The flipside though of getting to know them is that sometimes […]

As You Wish #MayTivation

When I pray, one of my wishes always is ‘Dear Universe, please grant people a hundred fold of what they wish for me’ . When I share this with people some are thrilled, while others get mad at me. The ones who are thrilled add […]

On Revenge and Forgetting it all … #MayTivation

Whoever said revenge is sweet never tasted the sweetness of forget about it. We’ve all be slighted at some point in our lives. At some point of our lives, most of us have lain awake planning revenge against those who betrayed us, harmed us or […]

On Feminism and Empathy #MayTivation

Very recently Mira Rajput Kapoor was in the news, for speaking her mind. 22 years old, married to a star and a new mother all in the span of a short year and a half, this is what Mira said. Her views and comments got […]

On Hurt #MayTivation

We all get hurt. We all also hurt. But when you carry forward a hurt done to you long after the reason for it has either ceased to exist or faded away then it is only YOU are only hurting yourself, not the person nor […]

On Honesty #MayTivation

We all know someone, or probably even are that someone, who boasts of being brutally honest. They wear that badge with pride, trampling on feelings, crushing confidences and sometimes bringing tears to other people’s eyes with their, self-proclaimed version of , ‘Brutal Honesty’. Sometimes making […]

Say Yes to ‘No’ #MayTivation

No. Two syllables, and so much thought about using them. Why are most of us afraid to say No? Are we people pleasers? Or just plain gutless? I think it could be anything between the two, right? Saying No is usually preceded with a lot […]

Be Positive #MayTivation

Be Positive. Have you ever paused and realized the amount of pressure these two words can put on others and yourself? Human beings come inbuilt to experience a range of emotions. Some, like love, happiness, contentment, and more are those we know as Positive emotions. […]

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