I love my Blog #BlogChatter

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Ajay Kontham


I started off with a diary, but couldn’t sustain it for long

The ink would spread and the words bled leaving me forlorn

I had so many words and thoughts trapped inside of me

I wanted to write them down to save them for posterity

So what did I do? I signed up for a blog

‘Deliciously Alive’, it was called for 12 years long

I wrote and published and I also shared

With people very few, only those I knew who cared

And then I met BlogChatter and things began to change

I realized that I needed a bigger home and a decided on a new name

I now own a tiny space on the vast internet, it’s called Sirimiri

Sirimiri is Latin for a fine drizzle of rain, isn’t the name quirky?

I thought it was apt for my blog which is why I named it so

My blog represents me and we should match, don’t you think so?

Sirimiri is a fine drizzle of words, in my case

Words that fall softly but once read don’t leave you the same

My Blog is my calling card it will lead you to me

When you visit and leave a comment behind, I smile showing 32 teeth

Sirimiri is where you’ll find my varied feelings, happiness and angst

My unfiltered thoughts, celebrations and my rants

My blog has grown with me as we traversed together through the years

Acquiring a sheen of wisdom and facing all our fears

I think these are reasons enough to show my love for my blog

Thought they keep changing and multiplying these will do for now

I love Sirimiri and Sirimiri is me

We both are open books that choose the page we want you to read.

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Chandni 

5 Things that irritate me about My Husband #FridayReflections

6 years of an Arranged Marriage and I happily admit that I am still getting to know my Husband. The Husband, on the other hand claims to have read me inside out * insert eye roll *

6 years though is just enough time for me to find out and write on 5 things that irritate you about your partner, a prompt on Friday Reflections hosted by Sanch  and Corinne.

So, what is it about my Husband that irritates me? Here goes!

He has the attention span of an Ant!  When he has a faraway look in his eyes and looks as peaceful as The Buddha as I talk to him I know his attention has drifted away someplace else. Grrrrr! It was terribly exasperating when that happened in the earlier years of marriage, but now as soon as that glazed look appears in his eyes a gleam appears in mine. And I whip out my mobile and start doing what I want to do. He snaps to attention immediately, making me wonder if his attention had really wandered, or not! * cocks eyebrow *

He is a terrible listener!  With the attention span of an Ant is it any surprise that he is a bad listener? Not! Funny thing is he looks so attentive when I, or someone else, talks that most people think he is such a sincere and attentive listener! * insert guffaw * Well, they aren’t the ones who are married to him, are they now? You know those jokes that say, ‘Husbands are the best people to tell secrets to. They’ll never tell anyone because they aren’t even listening’ ? Well, I am living proof of this * insert wink *

He is always on the Phone!  Where did the ‘Terrible Listener’ go you are wondering? I do too! From friends calling him up, and vice versa, asking for his views on which car to buy to who will win the next Election he is on the phone discussing it all. Tired of waiting for a break between phone calls I have mastered the art of communicating with him through sign language or writing on paper and holding it up for him to read. I now have a fair idea how long which telephonic chat will last and plan my chores and indulgences accordingly. * pats herself on the back *

He is Messy!  And no, not the footballer! I, on the other hand am an organized, almost borderline OCD person. So you can well imagine my state, can’t you? 5 minutes of him walking into the house and you would think someone switched on a giant fan and shook up my, previously orderly, home. No, I don’t know how he does it, but believe me, my research is on. I even wake up earlier to read the paper, as after the Husband is done reading it it is such a mangled mess that all I can do is bin it.

He is a Foodie!  His love for good food is legendary! Little surprise then that I learnt to cook post marriage only for him. Rainy Days see hot Samosas, Kachori’s and Jalebi’s making an appearance at home. If the Home Meal Menu is boring * read healthy * before I realise it, a home delivery person is ringing my doorbell handing me something, mostly sinful. We go out to buy a strip of Paracetamol and end up having dinner or lunch and carry home a dessert as well. If only we had the metabolism to match his love for food!

So here it is, our crazy life. And all said and done, I will admit, there is not a single dull moment to be had when he’s around, and I have got so used to all his quirks that after a short period of peace I start getting withdrawal symptoms.

It is marriage, love or just being used to each other? We are still debating that one. If only he would listen long enough!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Patidev!


10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 9 Loves

9 Loves

1)  Myself! Enough said!:)

2)  Reading: I used to read a book a day, I was that voracious a reader AND I also had that much time:-D I can’t keep up with that pace anymore BUT I have to read every day, it is a must!

3) Walking: My preferred mode of transport is Walking. I love long walks, alone or with my music.

4) Movies: Watching a film in a theatre, to be specific. When the lights go out and it is just you and the characters on screen,  that is akin to a spiritual experience of sorts for me.

5) Writing: Writing a good piece gives me a high like no other, and it usually lasts for a few days!

6)  Sweets: I have a set of Sweet-32 teeth! I could live without food but not without sweets! Ah, the bane of my weighing scale!

7)  Traveling: I am an enthusiastic traveler and learn and grow with each trip.

8)  Helping People: In whichever way I can. Strangely it has backfired many a times, but that doesn’t deter me.

9) Meeting new people: New people lead to fresh perspectives, newer ideas and these lead to growth. Speaking only for myself here, btw 🙂


Why I keep Karwa Chauth, and why should you keep your opinion about it to yourself.

Karwa Chauth is an annual festival largely observed by women in the Hindi-speaking Northern and Central regions of India. It usually occurs 10 days before Diwali, and on this day women fast without food or water from dawn till they spot the moon, as they pray for the long and healthy life of their husband.

My very first memory of Karwa Chauth is that of returning home from school to see Mom, my aunts and their friends sitting around having Mehendi being applied on their hands and feet, in preparation for Karwa Chauth the next day. It was such a fun atmosphere, with chatter, the fragrance of henna and endless cups of tea and snacks and we kids being asked to help them eat and drink.

screenshot_2016-10-13-10-47-22My Mehendi

We woke up the next day to see a platter of Mithai’s kept aside for us, from the Sargi that mom had eaten before sunrise that morning, and Mum readying her Thaali for the evening Pooja. The rare occasion that it was a holiday on the same day we rejoiced, as the aunts and their friends would troop in from morning and the ladies sat together to watch films on video. What a treat that was for us!


My Pooja Thaali

Come evening and the ladies started dressing up, and how! I remember Mom looked, and still does, like a Goddess, in her saree, jewelery and bangles.

We sat for the evening Katha and Pooja with the ladies. After which the Husbands returning from work joined us. There were stories, teasing, bantering and gossip galore! As a teenager my favourite bits were hearing how the couples had met and when the ladies recounted their experiences of their 1st Karwa Chauth.
As kids it was our duty to run up to the terrace and spot the moon, so that the ladies could break their fast. The Moon always troubles women on this day, by hiding behind the clouds and refusing to make an appearance. When the moon was finally spotted, the women prayed to it and broke their fast, by being made to sip water by their husband’s. After which there was a feast! With everyone sitting down to a sumptuous meal together.

I am married into a South Indian family, where Karwa Chauth has zero significance. My Husband didn’t ask me to observe it, nor did my mother-in-law. For that matter, nor did my Mom.

I chose to keep it.

Logic, education and exposure to life have given me enough sense to realize that one person abstaining from food and water will surely not extend another’s life. Just like taking a dip in a holy river will not ‘wash away your sins’ or fasting for any number of days will not ensure a place in heaven. Or that candle marches will do nothing except bring in business for the candle maker.

Nor do I think I hold the kind of power to grant someone a long life.

I fast because I choose to. Because I love the significance of it, and the romance around the thought. Because like all the festivals we may follow, this too brings with it happiness and creates memories. And because I love my Husband and this is one way of showing it.

Karwa Chauth is a day like any other. I am not treated specially nor do I treat my husband specially, on this day.

Each Karwa Chauth I see women posting anti Karwa Chauth messages on all social media, some going so far as to verbally attacking women observing the fast. Shouldn’t you be respecting another woman’s wish to do as she pleases to with her priorities? Imagine, if a teetotaller like me attacked your choice of enjoying your glass of whatever spirit you choose to sip on or smoking your lungs away with cigarettes? That too just because I choose not to, which is why I don’t think you should either? Weird right? My life, my choices, and all that? Exactly!

If YOU think keeping Karwa Chauth makes me regressive, that is YOUR opinion, not mine.
If YOU think it is ridiculous, that is YOUR opinion, not mine.
If YOU think that I am being subversive by ‘going hungry and thirsty for a man’, that is YOUR opinion, not mine.

And I only respect opinions I ask for.

Book Review: The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Ella Rubinstein is a 40 year old stay-at-home mother and wife with a beautiful home, 3 children and a prosperous husband. Outwardly, Ella has everything one could wish for, despite which she still feels an unnamed sense of discontent.
Agreeing to a part time job as a reader to a literary agent, Ella’s first assignment is to read a debut novel by an author called, Aziz Z Zahara.
The novel, titled Sweet Blasphemy, is set in the 13th century Anatolia and Ella finds herself reading about the fabled poet Rumi, whose life and views were transformed by the whirling dervish Shams of Tabriz and his forty rules of love and life.  Both characters so diverse from each other that only a miracle could have brought them together.
Along with Ella we discover Rumi and Shams, and the journey of their friendship and love, peppered with Shams Forty Rules and various characters, all diverse from the other, who come together to form a tapestry that reveals itself in the end, leaving you overwhelmed at the beauty of it.
As Ella’s reading of Sweet Blasphemy progress, she starts an email correspondence with the author. What begins with innocent emails soon turn into intimate exchanges, deepening Ella and Aziz’s bond.
Much like love, this book is many layered and requires patience and acceptance to be understood. Much like love, it will make you smile and bring tears to your eyes. Much like love, it will also be understood and interpreted differently. Much like love, it will simplify itself when you stop trying to understand it. Much like love, it will show you facets of yourself you never imagined you possessed. Much like love, you will realise every lesson comes for a price. Much like love, it will leave you humbled. Much like love, reading The Forty Rules of Love was a spiritual experience. One that can only be felt and one that must be felt.
P:S: The Forty Rules of Love wasn’t an easy book to read. I lost patience many times during the first 60 pages and also set it aside. But friends who have enjoyed reading it asked me to be patient and read on. And I am glad I did.