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Wah, Taj!

I am a firm believer of the adage, ‘Start as you mean to go’. So, when The Husband surprised me with a staycation for New Year’s Eve I jumped at the idea.  When he shared that the hotel he chose was The Taj Gateway Hotel […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 Wants

7 Wants I want my Clone. Really. Someone who’ll do all my work for me, while I just read and write, read and write, read and write, read and write…you get the picture, write right?! If a Clone isn’t possible, then Dobby ? Please? I’ll […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 8 Fears

8 Fears 1) Writer’s Block: Any writer who has faced it knows what I’m talking about. I was buried under the Block for 4 long years and it was the most frustrating phase of my writing life. 2) Lizards: They creep me out, big time! […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 9 Loves

9 Loves 1)  Myself! Enough said!:) 2)  Reading: I used to read a book a day, I was that voracious a reader AND I also had that much time:-D I can’t keep up with that pace anymore BUT I have to read every day, it is […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 10 Secrets

10 Secrets 1) I LOVE Bollywood gossip! It is my stress buster! 2) I cannot drive. Despite a valid driving license, AND learning it thrice. Yes, I am duly ashamed of the fact. 3) I cannot ride a bicycle either. Yes, ashamed of that too. […]

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