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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: One Picture of Yourself

Sometime in 7000 BC this child was me. My love for Cake has remained constant. As has the size of my cheeks. :)))))

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 2 Songs

These  songs are precious, mantras I live by. Do hear them and I promise you will not be disappointed The title track of , ‘Kal ho na ho’  ‘Everybody is free (to wear suncreen)’ by Baz Luhrmann

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 3 Movies

A few years ago I watched Amar Prem on television and that film has made a place in my heart. 2 Adults and 1 Child, all 3 unwanted by their families and society , come together and create a beautiful relationship based on pure love. […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 4 Books

 I am truly grateful that I love to Read. With a book in hand you’re never alone. I believe that certain books come to you, almost always at the right time, just when you need them. My list of favorite books is long. Like, really […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 5 Foods

I am not a fussy eater and can be force fed almost anything, with a chocolate bribe for later Kadhi-Chawal has been my comfort food for as far as I can remember. The sunny yellow of a spicy tempered Kadhi with fat Onion Pakodas peeking […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 6 Places

6 Places Bombay: My birth city, the city where I grew up and the city that shows you that anything is possible. The Shower: All my best ideas come to me in the shower. Mountains: I feel at home in the mountains. My Conscience: I […]

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 Wants

7 Wants I want my Clone. Really. Someone who’ll do all my work for me, while I just read and write, read and write, read and write, read and write…you get the picture, write right?! If a Clone isn’t possible, then Dobby ? Please? I’ll […]

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