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The Husband Chronicles: No 24

So there I was, going about my work while The Husband was talking to a friend on the phone. An intense and animated conversation, with hands flying all over the place, when they weren’t running through his hair, and a serious look carved on his face, as he paced up and down the living room. …

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The Husband Chronicles – No 23 #HappySunday

So we spend every Diwali with my in-laws and this time was no different. We were to leave for Chennai at 3 in the afternoon and at 10 o clock that morning The Husband left the house citing ‘important meetings’ I ran around doing all the last minute chores, both inside the house and outside, …

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The Husband Chronicles – Part 21

The Husband has developed amnesia. The convenient kinds. He ‘forgets’ what all I cook/have cooked, despite eating it all. Every bit of it. AND enjoying every morsel. Now you know why I Facebook all my food pictures?


The Husband Chronicles – Part 20

‘Facebook is rubbish’ ‘Facebook is for people who have nothing better to do’ ‘Facebook is a waste of time’ ‘On Facebook people go on liking each others pics, to make the other person feel good’ Well. Guess who is the newest Facebook addict in town? AND liking pics at a furious pace *cough, cough*


The Husband Chronicles – Part 19

    Men fantasize about having/making more money, about the latest gadgets, cars, perhaps holidays, fitness regimes and yes, about other women. I’m married to a man whose fantasies revolve around FOOD!  The only time The Husbands face lights up, his eyes sparkle and he’s rubbing his hands in anticipatory glee is when he’s thinking …


The Husband Chronicles – Part 18

The Husband claims to have embarked on a healthier lifestyle recently. *rolls eyes* He’s given up on milk, and all milk products, meat, chicken and eggs, until and unless they are country-bred and free range, says he’s weaning himself off coffee, tea and other beverages *eyes rolling away madly * and the list continues to …