The Husband Chronicles: No 24


So there I was, going about my work while The Husband was talking to a friend on the phone. An intense and animated conversation, with hands flying all over the place, when they weren’t running through his hair, and a serious look carved on his face, as he paced up and down the living room.

In the last hour of conversation, since I began eavesdropping, both of them have mapped out the financial future of India, discussed money in sums so huge the correct name for the amount has not been coined yet and discussed plans, about what the PM will (yes they are both very confident that he will!) implement, which the PM has probably not yet even dreamt about.

Acche din aa gaye.
Kiske, we will need to wait and watch.


The Husband Chronicles – No 23 #HappySunday

So we spend every Diwali with my in-laws and this time was no different.

We were to leave for Chennai at 3 in the afternoon and at 10 o clock that morning The Husband left the house citing ‘important meetings’
I ran around doing all the last minute chores, both inside the house and outside, while there was no sign or call from The Husband.
At 2 :30 pm he walked in, all polished and shined, and sheepishly revealed he was at the salon, getting the works done!
Did I hear you saying women are vain?

Obviously, not!




The Husband Chronicles – Part 20

‘Facebook is rubbish’

‘Facebook is for people who have nothing better to do’

‘Facebook is a waste of time’

‘On Facebook people go on liking each others pics, to make the other person feel good’


Guess who is the newest Facebook addict in town?

AND liking pics at a furious pace *cough, cough*

The Husband Chronicles – Part 19

Men fantasize about having/making more money, about the latest gadgets, cars, perhaps holidays, fitness regimes and yes, about other women.
I’m married to a man whose fantasies revolve around FOOD! 
The only time The Husbands face lights up, his eyes sparkle and he’s rubbing his hands in anticipatory glee is when he’s thinking of/looking forward to/devouring a well-cooked meal. 
Discussions about the next meal start even as we are having our present one. During mealtimes, the addition of ingredients are questioned, dissected, unasked for advice is given to me. The feedback is plenty, if the meal isn’t upto his  mark, and sparse, if it is 🙂
Little wonder that the only line, from my favourite song ‘Favicol’ I’m stuck on is ‘Main toh Tandoori Murgi hoon yaar, gatakale Saiyaan alcohol se!’

The Husband Chronicles – Part 18

The Husband claims to have embarked on a healthier lifestyle recently. *rolls eyes*
He’s given up on milk, and all milk products, meat, chicken and eggs, until and unless they are country-bred and free range, says he’s weaning himself off coffee, tea and other beverages *eyes rolling away madly * and the list continues to grow every day. *eyes rolling away at a furious pace*
The only delicacy he appears to enjoy feasting on seems to be my brain, which is a fast dwindling reserve thanks to wracking it to think of meals to conjure up with a the pitiful list of foods allowed. *madly rolling eyes fall off face*