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The world is made up of Givers and Takers. People who like to give are loved by people who like to take. And people who like to take are needed by people who like to give. It’ s a vicious cycle really, that sometimes lasts a lifetime for some.While some people give and take mindlessly, on a need based arrangement, and move on, there are others who pause to feel gratitude.
Feeling Gratitude is a very rare phenomena and expressing it even more so. Gratitude makes for great hashtags or posts but it is not expressed as often as it should be.
Feeling Thankful silently is like wrapping a present for someone and not giving it to them. Yes, that is exactly what it feels like. You know you chose and picked a present for someone, wrapped it up and then just didn’t give it to them. Meanwhile, the other person is clueless about the entire process you went through for them. So your entire exercise was futile, right?
When you express Gratitude you make the person you feel gratuitous towards happy. In return you feel good, at sharing your thoughts and seeing the happiness on someone else’s face. With two people happy, positivity blooms and sometimes even becomes contagious.
Don’t believe me? Try it, I assure you you will not regret it.

Feel it, share it, spread it!

Thank you for reading my post, wishing you a great day!:)



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5 Vices I am Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays

Without enthusiasm, virtue functions not at all, and vice only poorly

 ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960~

Virtues are what we are proud of and like to talk about while Vices, if acknowledged at all to begin with, are usually brushed under the carpet. I like to keep both, my Virtues and Vices in check, even update some occasionally, as it is wise and even fun to know your strengths and let your weaknesses work for you and not against you.

To begin with, I am terribly impatient, hyper even, though my calm visage makes that difficult for many to believe. Being impatient means I like to get most things done myself, and get them done now! And that is how I do things, multitasking away in top speed, and ‘efficiently’ as others think!

It doesn’t help that I am borderline OCD as well, so every morning I can be found whizzing around the house getting it organized as I can’t write until the house is neat as a pin.

I am always Online, is what you’ll find my family complaining, and I agree with it. Being online keeps me in touch with them, and in touch with happenings around the world, Google is my best friend and answers all that I want to know, which is why you’ll hardly find me annoying people with constant queries.

 I am often told I come across as intimidating and/or arrogant. When I was younger these adjectives hurt, and I tried to dispel the notion to whoever had them. But with each passing year I feel more comfortable being called intimidating and /or arrogant as it keeps the riff raff away. People can think what they wish to, I know my truth and seek no validation for it.

And if you haven’t realized it yet, I am painfully honest! No, not brutally honest but painfully so. Because being honest causes me the most pain! * add guffaw here *

So, what are the vices you are thankful for?


How to participate in #ThankfulThursdays
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Why are you Thankful for Love in your life? #ThankfulThursdays

Being Thankful does not come easily and naturally to most, but when it does and becomes a habit it enriches your life.

I was an almost regular writer and contributor for Thankful Thursdays, till Amrita, who co-hosts it with Tina suggested that Deepa and I join them as co-hosts. In a time when it’s everyone for themselves and putting yourself first is the new cool I was moved and amazed by Amrita’s gesture. So, from writing for #ThankfulThursdays I am one of the co-hosts, just one more thing to be Thankful for;

Why are you Thankful for Love in your life?

Love is one of the basics needs of human beings. After food, water, air, health and money we need love and need to be loved.

I will be eternally grateful for the love and sound upbringing my Parents gave me and that I learnt so much from watching them, from helping people as much as you can, in any way you can. In passing on the belief that I always have enough, and to be Thankful for it all.

Thankful to my strict Convent School upbringing, which I understandably hated then, but because of which I picked up the habit of Reading, thanks to Library Period. My love for Reading has ensured that I am never lonely and I keep upgrading myself. Since life is too short and experiences way too many a love for Reading lets you be part of an experience without going through it yourself.

Thankful to you, my readers, who read all that I write and some even share their thoughts in the form of likes and comments. People can argue away that Likes and Comments don’t matter but to me they are a way you respond to my writing and pictures and that matters to me, as that is your way for showing your love.

The love of true friends, who do not shy away from reprimanding you when you’re wrong and double your happiness by sharing it with you when you win.

Most of all I am thankful for the Love I have for myself. I believe that when you fall in love with yourself, it is an affair that lasts a lifetime, giving you the guidance no one can and making your stronger.

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What I am Thankful for NOT having #ThankfulThursdays #Week14

Even on the days we feel our worst we should realise that we have the luxury of allowing ourselves to feel that way. Yes, every feeling it is a luxury, whether good or bad, as there are far too many people who are not even allowed to feel.

In the same vein there are traits, attributes that we see in people or experience through them, which make us mentally roll our eyes and say, Thank God I’m NOT that way!

I am Thankful I am NOT;

Miserly: With my affection, abilities, compliments, time, empathy, ideas and patience, to name a few. You could be a stranger, an acquaintance or a friend and chances are you would have experienced either a few or all of the things mentioned.

Rigid: You’ll often hear people saying that as they grow older they become set in their thoughts, actions, habits and outlook. Not me! With each passing year I become even more malleable. And it is a habit that happens unconsciously.

Unaware: Of my flaws. I have a conscience that I keep shining and running, in mint condition, like a prized car. And it responds, by running over and quashing any thought that may remotely go against my natural nature.

Lazy: I love housework, walking to everywhere I can and doing as much as I can myself. The only time you might find me sitting in one place is when I’m typing out a blogpost:) At other times, that Energizer Bunny has nothing on me!:)

Know-it-all: Yes, I do know a lot but I still don’t know it all. The anticipation of learning what you don’t know is what I look forward too. That is what makes life exciting!



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5 Apps you are Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays #Week13

#Thankful Thursdays :5-apps-you-are-thankful-for-thankful-thursdays-prompt
#Thankful Thursdays :5-apps-you-are-thankful-for-thankful-thursdays-prompt


Technology is a wonderful thing!

It has made life so much easier for most of us. Yes, it does get its share of brickbats too, but it depends how you use it, right?

After the advent of the Mobile Phone we thought life had changed. Then Mobile Phone Apps followed and we realized what true change, and convenience, really was.

My Mobile Phone is the most important accessory in my life right now, like it is for many others I’m sure. And the Apps I use for everyday purposes have certainly made my life easier. Even though I use them often, some everyday too, I rarely pause to think of them thankfully. What better time and way to do so than with this week’s prompt of Thankful Thursday, hosted by Amrita and Tina?

So here are the Apps I am thankful for

Google: From looking for how much time is required to boil an egg perfectly to where I could get the best Ghevar in Chennai or what is the best time to travel to Assam, the Google App that has all the right answers. It’s lightning fast, it’s convenient and I have no idea how I survived before I discovered Google!

Google Maps: My sense of direction is so skewed that if you follow mine for the supermarket a few blocks away they just might lead you to a neighbouring state! Which is why Google Maps is another favored app. Moving to a new city 3 years ago, or when we travel to a new city, this is the app that helped and continues to help us find our way around. Since we love driving to places too, the convenience of being warned of  traffic blocks ahead, or immediately getting information about the nearest Petrol Pump if we are low on fuel or the next Restaurant, if WE need to fuel up makes navigating a comfortable experience .

MakeMyTrip: We travel a lot, which means we need to book tickets. With MMT we can compare prices and get the best deals on flight or train tickets. Their booking a hotel along with the tickets is a great addition too. When are are sure of our future travel schedules we book our tickets as early as possible and have gotten lucky with with unbelievable prices sometimes!

PicMonkey: As a writer it is always a plus to enhance blogposts with custom made posters and images. On Instagram too, it is aesthetically pleasing to announce or publicize your posts with unique images. This is where PicMonkey is a boon. Their mobile app is so easy to use that within minutes you could create a poster/badge/picture and resize it according to where you need to use it for (twitter/Instagram etc) and you’re done!

FreeCharge: My online wallet. Pay bills, book movie tickets, order your Gas or even donate to religious/educational/Women’s and more causes, at the click of a button. And that is not all, enjoy special offers and money back too on selected payments.

Jabong: I know we were asked to mention 5 Apps, but this post would be incomplete if I didn’t add my most favourite shopping app, Jabong! What you see is what you get, no cheating on the quality of anything you buy from Jabong. Easy exchanges and returns and money is credited back to your account or credited to your Jabong account. A special mention to their excellent customer care and after sales service!


#ThankfulThursdays Week 13



Tina and Amrita invited me and Deepa to join #Thankful Thursdays as co-hosts.I am very happy to have started hosting with them .




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10 Things about ‘Being Human’ that make me Thankful #ThankfulThursdays

We are born humans. However, ‘becoming human’ is choice we make.

I used to think that being human would be a trait everyone would hope to acquire, but looking around I realise otherwise.

How am I working towards being human?

I have always been a Grateful person. Life is a bouquet of experiences, some good, some bad and some best forgotten, but if you allow it to then every occurrence leaves you wiser. With each passing year and experiences my attitude of Gratitude gets even more firmly entrenched.

I am Thankful that I can Help people whenever I can and it whatever way I can. It may be a small thing like sharing a link that someone has been looking for to something more serious like being there for a person when they need you.

I am almost obsessed about Giving Credit when and where it is due. Having come across situations where people have walked away claiming my ideas as theirs, used my recipes and pictures and passed them off as theirs to more serious situations with family and friends, has made me even more obsessed.

Empathy helps me understand situations I haven’t experienced myself and being empathetic helps me hone my Kindness quotient as I have realised that sometimes a kind word or gesture is all that is needed, or is all that I can contribute.

Patience is what I had to work on developing and I am glad that I have reached a level where I can wait and watch as compared to my look after you leap attitude earlier

Appreciation is what I do best, even going over the top with it sometimes  * grin * But hey I Honestly believe that less is not more, in this case. Ironically, I have come to realise that Honesty is a dangerous weapon to have, it can hurt others when you wield it but that does not stop me from using it, very wisely, or Saying No as I personally abhor the habit of fence sitting and I always assure that people know what I can do, or cant, and where they stand with me, a nd I feel Better for that.

I am also content that my experiences of life have gone on to make me Better person and not a bitter one and that I still believe in miracles and hope that Good will always win over Evil.

Written  for and linking up with #ThankfulThursdays hosted by Amrita and Tina




Reasons I am Thankful for being a Blogger #ThankfulThursdays

When I started blogging a dozen years ago it was just a ‘cool’ thing to do. Having a blog was like having your personal diary, which was on display for everyone to read, and I wrote and posted keeping that in mind.

In the last few years Blogging has evolved, and how! Your blog is no longer just a personal diary but has gone on to become your brand. As with the changes in blogging there are changes in bloggers too. From a shy reluctance to admitting you have a blog, to the confidence with which this must have accessory, a blog, is flaunted.

This exciting journey has refined some of my existing talents even as it taught me a lot of new things. This ThankfulThursday, hosted by, prompt, Amrita and Tina got me to recollect and share a few I am thankful for;

Writing is what draws readers to a blog. Writing is a prerequisite for having a blog, unless you have a photo blog or some such, and even then a bit of writing is required. I have honed my writing by blogging over the years and have come to understand that

Reading is another way to write better. Reading other blogs is fulfilling, and if you are a good learner and patient reader perusing work written by others could teach you the finer nuances of writing. You

Learn and gain awareness of new genres, different perspectives and refreshing styles of writing. You become aware of how a single thought or prompt can have varied interpretations.  I also learnt that blogging could be a great way to

Earn money, either as a full time career or something on the side. What better way to do so, making what you love, writing, your work and making it pay, literally. I am thankful to blogging as it is also a great way to

Meet people. Blogging groups, blogging communities are a constantly bubbling cauldron of ideas and people, and joining them is a good idea. The one good thing Bloggers share is a common love for writing and reading. Apart from that your similarities and differences lead you to

Befriend people who you click with and take your friendship to real life as well. I am thankful to blogging as it introduced me to people who have gone on to become friends like family over the years. I thankful too, to see and experience the ugly side of blogging which has only made me

Better and not bitter. I learnt that ideas have to be guarded and trust has to be earned. You polish and shine your repertoire of words as you patiently await your turn. What is any experience if it did not

Teach you something that you needed to learn, eh?



5 Things I am Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays

When 2016 began, I decided to make it my year of Unlearning, and all through it I let go of everything I thought I knew. I was so focused on my mission that I had no wish list in mind.

When I saw this week’s ThankfulThursdays prompt I paused and had to actually rewind to the start of year to think of the things I am thankful for, a wonderful exercise, as I realized I have a lot more than just 5!

But keeping the prompt specifics in mind here are the 5 things I am thankful for:

I am thankful for the year gone by: It was challenging, it was exasperating and as much as I grumbled my way through it, I know I  will look back at it as one of the years I will be grateful for. 2016 has given me fresh perspective, new direction and a wiser outlook.

I went self-hosted: After 12 years on Blogger I made an impulsive decision and within the span of an hour I was the proud owner of my own website. Best decision ever!

I took my Tarot Reading to the next level, by moving from a facebook page to finally getting my website, Card Talk. Do read your Tarot Forecast for 2017 , if you haven’t yet.

I wrote! For 2 back to back daily writing challenges and enjoyed myself thoroughly!

I met so many new people! Some have turned out to be wonderful acquaintances, others into great friends and a few into enemies *grin* but hey, who am I to argue with Sidney Sheldon when he says , ‘To be successful you need friends and to be very successful you need enemies.” *bigger grin*

Thanks to Amrita & Tina for hosting #ThankfulThursdays , writing for which I have become more conscious about the things to be thankful for.