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Tata Tigor – #ContestAlert

Tata Tigor – #ContestAlert

TigFie is the new Selfie! Ever city has one common problem these days, that has its residents shaking their heads unanimously even as painful, and sometimes angry expressions, take over their face. That problem is, Traffic. So what do you do when you seem to […]

MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal #ProductReview

When I was 15 years old a favourite Aunt gifted me a diary for my birthday. It was not some ordinary diary, but the most adorable thing with a matching pen tucked away inside and a little lock and key of its own. I loved […]

Livpure – Water and Air Purifiers

Good health is everyone’s top priority, as if you enjoy good health then life is definitely better. If you take care to maintain your health you have more energy, more stamina and you feel more positive, ensuring a better quality of life for yourself and […]

Buy Original Paintings Online

When you dress up for an occasion, with a beautiful outfit and the perfect make up, it is the accessories you add to that which further enhance you and your outfit. When you cook a delicious dish or meal and garnish it right it looks […]

Gillette Venus Breeze: Busting Shaving Myths

‘Are you a man that you want to shave? Women Wax, Men Shave.’ ‘If women shave instead of waxing, hair grows like that of a Porcupine, thick, coarse and dark.’ ‘Shaving causes pigmentation, your skin will become dark.’ ‘Cuts and nicks due to shaving are […]

Gillette Venus Breeze : The Event

A sunny Tuesday afternoon saw Bangalore Beauty Bloggers meeting at The Oberoi on MG Road. We had gathered there for a Rendezvous with the multi-talented Indian Actor Kalki Koechlin along with Venus Beauty Experts, Dr Rashmi Shetty, Celebrity Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician and Namrata Soni, […]

Good Knight Fabric Roll-On: A natural Mosquito repellent

I live in an apartment complex which is beautifully landscaped. Every nook and cranny is verdant with trees, shrubs and flowering plants. I also have a balcony lined with plants. Living amidst all this green is a sight for sore eyes, and we feel such […]

Of Body, Beauty and Wellness with VLCC

When I received an invite from VLCC to attend a Blogging Event I was puzzled. Why would India’s top Slimming Centre invite Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers, I wondered? The brief that followed after I accepted the invite was enlightening, but got me even more curious […]

Blog Jam With Preethi Appliances

Did you know that Bloggers are the 3rd most trusted source of information, after family and friends? Brands invite Bloggers so that they can write an honest view and review that can reach out to as many people as possible. When we attend a Brand […]

Nature’s Nutrition – Dry Fruits

What are Dry Fruits? Dried fruits or dry fruits are fruits from which almost all the water content has been extracted either naturally through sun drying or through a process called dehydration. Various types of Raisins, like Black Raisins and Golden raisins, Berries like Cranberries, […]

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