Are you Protekted? Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

We love our Mobile Phone, don’t we? And most of us can’t survive without it, so much so that almost every waking hour is spent glued to our phone. Were you aware though that you Mobile Phone possibly carries more germs than a toilet seat. Or that the Menu in your favourite restaurant lists out all that you are looking forward to eat, except the germs it carries.

And germs on the hands mean germs in or near your mouth?
Did that just make you grimace?
So, since you obviously cannot bear to part with your phone, or stop going out what do you do about the germs? How do you protect yourself against them?
Well, wash your hands of course! But how often is that possible, as frequent washing tends to dry out your palms. What if say, you’re traveling or have no access to soap and water, how do you then keep your hands clean? Germs being ingested and spread around, both cause illnesses. What is the solution?
Godrej seems to have thought of that before we did and have created and introduced The Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer – which is not just another hand sanitizer.

The Godrej Protekt Sanitizer is an alcohol free hand sanitizer and naturally derived. Each attractively packaged bottle is 100% recyclable and holds 200 Sprays. Being in a unique spray form the sanitizer spreads better and faster giving you a non-stop 8 hour germ protection against 99.9% germs. The compact size of the bottle allows you slip it in to your purse and pocket. It is so gentle that it is safe to use for children as well and that is why it is called ‘not just another’ hand sanitizer. This hand sanitizer spray is anything, but ordinary.

Buy the best hand sanitizer online which can be taken everywhere and anywhere to kick out 99.9% germs.

A quick and clean way to get even cleaner.


The Power of Prestige

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping outside your window, sunshine trying to peek in through your drapes and doing a shimmy on water gently lapping away in an Infinity Pool. Pathways lined with the fresh green of plants and flowers adding pops of colour to the greens.

And this oasis of calm tucked away in a bustling city.

You’re wondering if you read right, aren’t you?

Yes, you did.

  • Overview
  • View from the Villas
    View from the Villas
  • View from the Club House
    View from the Club House
  • A 4 Bhk Villa
    A 4 Bhk Villa
  • Greenery everywhere
    Greenery everywhere
  • Greens & Flowers
    Greens & Flowers
  • The Pathways
    The Pathways

As I’m only describing Prestige Glenwood, the latest project by Prestige Constructions in the upcoming area of Budigere, in Bangalore city.

The Prestige Group is one of the top names in the construction business. Their tastefully constructed properties can be found dotting the landscape of Bangalore, and beyond, and now they are inching towards developing the upcoming area of North Bangalore, by creating housing for people on untouched land. Budigere is located about 20 Kms from M.G.Road which is in the heart of Bangalore City and about 20 Kms from The Kempegowda International Airport.

Prestige Glenwood is just another feather in their crowded cap. Spread over 15 Acres of land, 116 Villas of varied sizes are laid out in an aesthetically appealing layout. Take your pick from from 4 Bedroom Villas to Twin Houses, starting from 3694 Sqft and 3662 Sqft to 2940 Sqft

Each villa has its own private car park and the kitchen opening out to a little backyard, 12 feet floor to ceiling height and its personal balcony and terrace. 24-hour water supply with Solar Powered Geysers and all Bathroom Fittings by Kohler. Generators are on standby as a backup in case of power failure. The Vaastu Compliant construction has all houses face the East, West or North and no South facing houses.

  • The Balcony
    The Balcony
  • The Living Room of the Model Villa
    The Living Room of the Model Villa
  • The Bathroom
    The Bathroom
  • 24 hour Water Supply with Solar powered Water heaters
    24 hour Water Supply with Solar powered Water heaters
  • The Kitchen of the Model Villa
    The Kitchen of the Model Villa
  • 2nd Bedroom of the Model Villa
    2nd Bedroom of the Model Villa
  • The Master Bedroom of the Model Villa
    The Master Bedroom of the Model Villa
  • 3rd Bedroom of the Model Villa
    3rd Bedroom of the Model Villa
  • Dining & Living Room View from above - Model Villa
    Dining & Living Room View from above - Model Villa
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The New Baldwin International Residential School is right next door and a Mango Orchard skirts the border of the property on one side.

Amenities on the Property and in the Club House include, a well-equipped spacious Gymnasium with Machines by ‘Precor’, an infinity Pool, Squash Court, Tennis Court , Badminton Court. An indoor Sports Area, a Yoga Room and Children’s play area and indoor Playroom. A Billiards Room.  A convenience store on the premises will be coming up soon.

  • Tennis Court
    Tennis Court
  • Play Area
    Play Area
  • The Billiards Room
    The Billiards Room
  • Machines by Precor
    Machines by Precor
  • The Spacious Gym
    The Spacious Gym
  • Top of the line equipment at the Gym
    Top of the line equipment at the Gym

Looking to buy your dream home with Prestige? But you think that it may be beyond your budget? Well quality does come at a price, but Prestige makes it easy for you to own a Villa or a Twin House at Prestige Glenwood, or in any of the constructed Prestige Properties with the Power of 3, a scheme that lets you save even as you pay towards owning your own home . It can’t get better than this!Hurry, as this offer closes on the 12th of February, 2017!

For more information on Prestige Projects have a look here

I was invited by the Prestige Group to Prestige Glenwood, but all views expressed are my own.

Information and Fun at the #BergerXP #IndiBlogger Meet

I was excited to sign up for the the BergerXP meet, as IndiBlogger is known for organizing meets that are fun and informative, both.

So on Saturday  the 10th of December we reached the venue, Hotel The Lalit Ashok, to meet fellow bloggers and new faces. Pictures were clicked and sound-bites were recorded and our interactions continued over lunch which was scheduled for before the meet.

Post lunch we trooped in to seat ourselves for the meet, which commenced with the crowd favorite Anoop handling the mike, and the crowd, with his trademark sense of humor.

Kartik was next, taking us through ‘exercises’ and ‘tai chi moves’ the imitation of which had us in splits.

The Balloon Game followed, which required us to blow up a balloon, tie it to our leg and do everything we could, in a limited floor space, to avoid our balloon being burst, even as we attempted to burst others balloons. The game proved to be a great ice breaker and set the fun mood for the rest of the meet.

Chandranath Banerjee, Category Head – Interior Wall Paints at Berger Paints,took the stage to educate and enlighten us about the Express painting by Berger and elaborated on the tag line, Faster. Cleaner.Better.

With Express Painting, painting your house is no longer a cumbersome job it is known to have been. Trained Painters use mechanized tools from start to finish. A special mention to the Handheld Sander which is used to scrape the wall off old paint, a cleaner and dust-free process as compared to the sandpaper ‘ghisai’ that has been the norm so far.

Thanks to the expertise and tools, a 30 day paint job can be completed in 20 days.

Post the paint job a supervisor is sent to the house for feedback about the job and and the customer is asked to rate the job done. And this process is available at No Extra Cost!

Contact their call centre by sending an SMS to XP56767 or go to their website to know more.

Berger Paints Ltd has many feathers in its cap and being no 2 only serves as their inspiration to work harder.

It has been the fastest growing paint company in India for 5 straight years in a row

It is among the 50 top brands in India

It was featured in the Forbes 50 List in 2015

It is among the 7 companies that increase shareholders value

among many other accolades.

Next, teams were formed and captains appointed and for the 2rd game we donned face masks and gloves and got together to scrub a rough surface with sandpaper, till it was smooth A judge supervised the teams and we were timed and rewarded for a job well done. A great bonding exercise.

As the meet progressed prizes were being handed out for the best tweet and that bought a big smile on the faces of winners.

The last game had the teams choosing a topic, from the social causes suggested, and using Berger Paints to create art in 20 minutes.

We chose the Environment and this was our painting. Our team, Paint My Love, won the 2nd prize for it and each of us won a gift voucher for the same.


After an afternoon well spent we left the meet with goodie bags from Berger.

From Soil to Oil: The Palm Oil story

The 19th of November had Bangalore based bloggers heading to Taj Vivanta on M G Road, courtesy the invitation of Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) who had organized a Blogger meet to shine the light on Palm Oil.


Palm Oil is known as the ‘poor man’s oil’ and it is more often than not associated with words like climate change, deforestation, damaging and the like. MPOC invited bloggers to educate and enlighten us about Palm Oil, it’s uses, it’s manufacturing process and the various myths surrounding it.


An illuminating and thought provoking session, headed by Ms Bhavna Shah, Regional Head, MPOC, India & Sri Lanka, started with letting us know that there are 2 different types of Oil that are extracted from the Palm fruit.

Palm Oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit


Palm Kernel Oil is extracted from the seed of the Palm fruit

both the Oils completely differ from each other, in composition and values.

Malaysia has a no-burn policy, so, from root to tip the entire Palm tree, known as the gift of nature and a gift for life, is used to manufacture varied products ranging from soaps, lipsticks, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals to Biodiesel, which is known as the green fuel of the future, and more. Without being aware of it we are all consuming Palm Oil in some form or the other.

Some Benefits of Palm Oil

Because of less oil absorption in food and that it retains the flavor of food, Palm Oil is widely used for deep frying purposes in the food industry all over the world.

It is resistant to oxidation and spoilage

It is non GMO

Free of trans fat as it never needs hydrogenation

It has a long shelf life and it stable at high temperature

Balanced fatty acid content

Contains Vitamin E and tocotrienols

Produces less volatile compounds

Suitable for blends for use in cold regions

Palm Oil celebrates 100 years of existence next year, and if you were as surprised to hear that as I was, and unaware of its benefits and the truth behind the myths, here are a few links that could help you know more;


Twitter Handle: @thinkpalmoil


Instagram: thinkpalmoil

We wrapped up this educative session over lunch and bonding with each other. Thank you MPOC & Organisers.