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I think it rained a little #Poem

 I think it rained a little some drops escaped a laden sky a sky that couldn’t hold them in anymore drops that were heavy and benign   I think it rained a little some drops trailed down on a parched expanse washing away the dust […]

Hey Santa!

  Hey Santa! Christmas is coming! Are you on your way here? Your sled filled with presents pulled forward by Rudolph and other deer. I’m sure you have something for everyone and no one is left without. I do hope you have assurance for someone […]

I wish I were… #BlogChatter

I wish I were Metabolism Metabolism? Yes, you heard right! I would wage war over calories and get them all Those calories that make your clothes fit tight! I would see to it that I was faster and quicker, so you could eat All you […]


      Forgotten streets Discarded memories Echoes of a sigh Over wilted regrets   (C) Mayuri

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