Hey Santa!


Hey Santa! Christmas is coming!

Are you on your way here?

Your sled filled with presents

pulled forward by Rudolph and other deer.

I’m sure you have something for everyone

and no one is left without.

I do hope you have assurance

for someone who is always filled with doubt.

Will you have the sealant of love

for people whose hearts have been broken by many

People who are down and out

would you have for them a few pennies?

Do you have a dream to spare

for someone who has lost all hope?

In your bag is there some strength

for people who can no longer cope?

Are you carrying a bit of sun

to brighten a dark day?

Do carry with you an eraser of smiles

with which to wipe tears away

This is my letter which I hope you read

and carry all these with you

For isn’t Christmas all about

Wishes & Dreams coming true?

I wish I were… #BlogChatter


I wish I were



Yes, you heard right!

I would wage war over calories

and get them all

Those calories

that make your clothes fit tight!

I would see to it that I was faster

and quicker, so you could eat

All you want without a fear

things both savory and sweet!

I would make you active

snap you out of that lethargic mode

I would make you walk, I would make you run

I would get you into fitness mode!

I wish I were Metabolism

I would be on everyone’s coveted list

but Shilpa Shetty I would dodge

that girl is on my envy list!

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week- I wish I were