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Finding Mr Right

    So there I was, happily single, doing all the things I loved, traveling the world, and the perfect age for Auntie‚Äôs in the family and neighbourhood to look solemn and remind my parents that they had granted me way too much leeway and […]

10 things I do when The Husband is out of town!

        On a blog hopping spree I came across Geetikas fun post, reading through which I found many           similarities, and the topic for my next post!:)       10 things I do when The Husband is out of […]

My Name

I am taking part in a Photo a day challenge for June 2016.  The prompt for the 17th of June is, ‘My Name’, and the above is my picture for the prompt. I am a Punjabi from Bombay married to a Telugu from Andhra, and […]

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