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My Alter Ego and Me, in a tete-a-tete over a cup of tea

The world is such a wonderful place! Things are just as they seem! (Tee-hee. It’s the rose tinted glasses that show her what she sees!) People are honest They say what they mean (This statement is the best it is such a scream!) I’ve got […]

10 to 1 of Me!

You know what I’ve just realised? I’ve turned into a chor narcissist! Chor (thief) because I am busy chorofying blog topics from every blog I visit and narcissist because I’ve been choosing topics that require me to write about my favourite topic, ME!:))) As long as I am blogging everyday, as […]

I’m Still Weird Because

Another day! Another post! This one inspired by Nabanitas post that had me chuckling. I am optimistic this isn’t the last of, ‘how weird I am revelations’ and i have a feeling i shall be topping the list. Frequently. Here goes! I have borderline OCD, […]

10 things I do when The Husband is out of town!

        On a blog hopping spree I came across Geetikas fun post, reading through which I found many           similarities, and the topic for my next post!:)       10 things I do when The Husband is out of […]

A to Z: All that you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask :)

Tags are awesome! They act as the perfect fillers when you want to write, but have no idea what to write. So when I saw this tag on follow blogger, Shalini’s page I knew I had to do it!:) Do take it on if you wish to, […]

Movie Review: De Dana Dan

Audience Interpretation of the words De Dana Dan = beat the hell out of. Audience wishes to De Dana Dan the person who conceptualized/plagiarized this film. Audience wishes to De Dana Dan the stars and character actors who signed on for this film, and wonder if […]

Book Review: The Diary of a Social Butterfly

In her own words, Butterfly is ‘sophisty, smart and socialist.’ Her friends, Mulloo, Flopsy, Furry and Twinkle are ‘always doing competition’ with her. According to Butterfly, those who’ve studied at Oxford come back ‘three years later an Oxen.’ She laughs till she becomes ‘historical’ says […]

Book Review: My Friend Sancho

Dear Jasmine Shah Varma, I just finished reading, correction smiling, through Amit Varma’s debut book, ‘My Friend Sancho’ In his acknowledgments Amit Varma credits you for the existence of this book, and adds that if the reader doesn’t like it, it’s your fault. So I […]

Tagging along, yet again…

A Tag is a savior which resurrects a blog its owner doesn’t update as regularly as she should! Thanks to a visit to Shalini’s blog, I have a new post on mine:) 1. What is your current obsession? Doing my bit towards saving the world […]

Pehchan Kaun!?!?

Is this1)Your neighbourhood paanwala, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.2)A pehelwan at the akhada, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.3)Britney Spears, having a ‘the-mirror-lied-to-me-*again*’day. Is this1)A freak of nature.2)A person with a rare illness, which causes strange growths to appear on […]

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