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#BookReview: Parenting Tips & Tricks by Deepa Gandhi #BlogchatterEbook

#BookReview: Parenting Tips & Tricks by Deepa Gandhi #BlogchatterEbook

Parenting is a constant juggling act. You never know how many more balls will be added to the air, even as you are juggling the multiple ones at hand already. Parenting does not come with a manual either, so most parents are clueless about what […]

#BookReview: Hello Desserts! by Tina Basu #BlogchatterEbook

#BookReview: Hello Desserts! by Tina Basu #BlogchatterEbook

I am one of those people who feels incomplete if I know that a dessert is not waiting for me after a meal. A dessert ends a meal like a full stop does a sentence. Period. I must confess though, that I am quite bored […]

Ponni’s Beloved by Sumeetha Manikandan #BookReview

Ponni’s Beloved by Sumeetha Manikandan #BookReview

To begin with I hadn’t heard of the legendary Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki Krishnamurthy, till I married into the South Indian Community. Since then I have seen people go into raptures as they talk reverently about this great book. The curiosity to read was thus […]

Fruits for Life by Dr Amrita Basu #BookReview

Most of us eat fruits, some regularly some rarely. How many of us though pause to think why we are eating a certain fruit and what are its real benefits, or not? In her debut book, self-published Doctor, Blogger and passionate wellness expert, Dr Amrita […]

The Princess of a Whorehouse: The Story of a Swamp Lotus by Mayank Sharma BookReview

Aparajita is an ambitious girl, with hard work and intelligence backing her. She sails through school and college effortlessly and has her heart and mind set on becoming a commercial pilot and soar high. Aparajita  also has a past, the invisible strings of which pull […]

Book Review: Lanka’s Princess by Kavita Kane

My only memory of Surpanakha was from a fleeting mention of her in Mythology, The Ramayan to be precise. I knew of her as Ravan’s ugly sister who was attracted to and tried to entice Laxman and had her nose and ears cut off as […]

Book Review : Another Man’s Wife by Manjul Bajaj

Writing short stories is tricky. The story needs to be short enough to hold one’s attention and long enough to have substance. The characters need to shine and connect. The end needs to justify the plot. And these are just a few things to keep […]

Book Review: Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh

  Imagine that you love eating chocolates, and you get your hands on a box of assorted ones, in all the flavors you can think of. Perfect, right? I am a voracious reader, and as I read though Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh I had […]

Book Review: My Father Is A Hero by Nishant Kaushik

Vaibhav Kulkarni is a single father to his 10 year old daughter Nisha. Having buried his dreams in his hometown Akola, he lives and struggles though a middle class existence in Pune without a complain, just to see a smile on his daughter face. Nisha […]

Book Review – Fighting for Tara by Sunanda J Chatterjee

13 year old child-bride Hansa is left bereft when her 60 year old husband passes away and she is ordered to kill her new born daughter, a decision forced upon her by her husband’s brother whom she is supposed to marry in the next few […]

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