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I wish I had the power of….#WedShadow

  ‘Forgive and forget’ is advice handed out by more people than the number that  actually practices it. Forgive is doable. But I can never seem to forget. How does one do that? My elephantine memory ensures that I remember each word and every detail […]

Twin Book Reviews – The Last Queen of India AND Nefertiti

Book Reviews: The Last Queen of India AND Nefertiti Historical fiction is not a genre that would interest me. Or so I thought, till a friend introduced me to Michelle Moran’s books. I was reluctant to start reading the first book but when I did […]

Day 7 – Promise

They promised to love each other.  They promised loyalty, respect and honor towards each other.  To watch each others back, in both good and bad.  They promised to stand by each other, in sickness and in health, till death do them part. She kept her […]

Day 6 – Wishful thinking

Molly brushed her hair till it shone, applied another coat of mascara to her eyelashes, smacked her rouged lips together and kissed her reflection in the mirror. She looked good. The soft pink of the dress brought out the glow on her face. Her new […]

Day 5 – Tiny Shoes

My dear child how much joy to us you brought When we welcomed you into this world All our pain and worries were nought My dear child how you made us smile At your innocent antics watching which We thanked God twice My dear child […]

Day 4 – Caught red-handed

Bibiji was fond of telling everyone that Bansi came as part of her trousseau and had lasted the longest while everything else from her trousseau had perished. She proudly pointed out to a framed photo, sitting among the many on the mantelpiece, taken on their […]

Day 3 – Fragile Lives

What fragile lives they were born with, they bemoaned their fate yet again.People looked through them, and didn’t even realise how much that hurt.  Their souls scratched by every assault, and no one cared.  Cringing even if they heard a slightly raised sound, and sometimes […]

Day 2 – What you don’t know

Mr Verma loved Mrs Verma and Mrs Verma loved Mr Verma.  Mr Verma surprised Mrs Verma with flowers. Mrs Verma surprised Mr Verma with his favorite perfume. Mr Verma planned his official trips so Mrs Verma could accompany him. Mrs Verma planned romantic, candle light […]

Day 1 – Stranger than fiction

The Superstar is adored by women, despite beating up and disrespecting the ones in his life.  The Superstar’s career keeps rising, even as he quashes the careers of others on a whim, and vengeance.  The Superstars misdemeanors are laughed at indulgently and dismissed as ‘growing […]

10 to 1 of Me!

You know what I’ve just realised? I’ve turned into a chor narcissist! Chor (thief) because I am busy chorofying blog topics from every blog I visit and narcissist because I’ve been choosing topics that require me to write about my favourite topic, ME!:))) As long as I am blogging everyday, as […]

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