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‘Rex said I was fat!’ exclaimed Alice, ‘…am I fat, Jojo?’ she implored her sister ‘Yes you are.’ replied Jojo, as she flexed her limbs ‘And you’re mean!’ exclaimed Alice, again. Jojo shrugged nonchalantly, as she looked into the distance ‘Look at Tina there,’ pointed […]

Looks are deceptive

Looks are deceptive Looks are deceptive, aren’t they, thought Malathi as she pulled out a golf club from her husband’s golf kit resting behind the door. The smallest club seemed to be the heaviest, she smirked. What all could it do, besides hitting a ball, […]

It’s okay

Bed-hopping is okay. A few cigarettes a day and whisky on the rocks is okay.  Swearing is okay.  Late nights are okay.  Replacing responsibility with money is okay.  Might is right, is okay.  Leering is okay.  It is all okay.  What is not okay is […]

Scared To Death

Rakhi looked up in awe at the huge billboards forming the façade of a brand new mall. Bright colors and well-dressed people dotted the entrance and compound circling it. Sitting, standing, laughing, eating, holding hands, everyone looked happy. How much everything has changed, sighed Rakhi […]

10 to 1 of Me!

You know what I’ve just realised? I’ve turned into a chor narcissist! Chor (thief) because I am busy chorofying blog topics from every blog I visit and narcissist because I’ve been choosing topics that require me to write about my favourite topic, ME!:))) As long as I am blogging everyday, as […]

10 things I do when The Husband is out of town!

        On a blog hopping spree I came across Geetikas fun post, reading through which I found many           similarities, and the topic for my next post!:)       10 things I do when The Husband is out of […]

Book Review – Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani

Each of us has grown up listening to, believing in and following certain ideologies which have been passed onto us from our parents, our religions, our cultures and later got firmly entrenched into our being from our experiences. More often than not we’ve followed these […]

#WordyWednesdays #1 #October2015 #WordPrompt #Serendipity

Word Prompt: Serendipity He was one of the greatest masters ever known. His paintings were works of art coveted by many and afforded by very few. Every perfect creation of his managed to stun.  Every one, except his only child who showed no interest in […]

#5ThingsTrueAboutMe #BlogChallenge #MarathonBloggers

5 Things True About Me 1) I am terrified of pets. Even puppies and kittens. Even the sound of them. And I send a silent apology to them, via esp, each time they need to be tied up or confined to a room when I […]

#WordyWednesday #No4 #BAR Picture Prompt

Picture Prompt Courtesy: Inderpreet Kaur Uppal His eyes followed her walking towards him, busy on the phone as always. He stood still as she neared, till her familiar perfume briefly spun a cocoon around him. ‘You’re back!’ she beamed, putting down her mobile phone, her […]

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