F is for… AtoZChallenge

Farsan Farsan is the umbrella under which a whole list of delicious snacks come under. Loved by Gujrati’s, and more than Gujrati’s by ME, these savory snacks are enjoyed with meals, with an evening cup of tea or coffee or just whenever you want to. […]

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D is for… AtoZChallenge

Dal Dhokli Dal Dhokli is a traditional dish from the Gujrat region of Western India. It is a one-pot, delicious and healthy meal. Wheat Flour and Gram Flour are mixed, seasoned with spices and kneaded into a dough. The dough is then rolled out into […]

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C is for… AtoZChallenge

Chaat A Chaat is a savory snack, typically a street food, well-loved and found all over India. A host of ingredients are put together and seasoned with the most delicious of Chutneys, the tastes of which range from spicy to sour to sweet to tangy […]

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