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Author: Mayuri Nidigallu

Sons and Lovers #BarAThon

‘Shishir, don’t leave your wet towel on the bed!’ ‘Shishir, shut the windows of your room before you leave the house!’ ‘Shishir, finish all the food on your plate!’ ‘Shishir, learn to appreciate the varied tastes and flavours of food!’ ‘Shishir, don’t forget to take […]

On Hurt #MayTivation

I grew up hearing my Mom say, ‘Pray for the happiness and healing of people who hurt you and cause unhappiness in your lives. They need your prayers and wishes more than you know’. Of course, I spent all those growing up years arguing and […]

Lord of the Files #BarAThon

Saurabh Bhargav had always been diligent and hard working. His studious nature ensured good grades, and later a great placement. When he joined this company as a rookie he found a mentor in his boss. His Boss took a fondness for the earnest and ambitious […]

War and Pieces #BarAThon

  The power in the room could be felt, it was that palpable. A gleaming table that stretched from one end of the room to the other end had the heads of all important countries sitting around it’s rectangle. Coffees held in gold plated cups […]

Sunset in the Jungle #ThursdayTreeLove #Week9

  Did I tell you I love Ranthambore? Being there is more than just about Tiger spotting. You lose your mobile network as soon as you enter the park and without any connectivity to the world outside the park gates, it is just you and […]

Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

‘Another one, Darvin?’ asked the Chief Inspector and he looked down. ‘Chief!’ saluted his Deputy, ‘Yes, one more’ his gaze followed his superiors, towards the body sprawled on the grass. ‘Any evidence this time?’ the Chief circled the body. ‘None, Sir. Much like the last […]

Life of Pie #Barathon

Life of Pie #Barathon

Mr Oliver Piebald was a big man. In stature, and otherwise. He was the Earl of Stratton and lived on an estate he had inherited, which was the size of half a dozen football fields put together. When Esther married him she thought she was […]

The Fault In the Stare #Barathon

‘These days we are not safe anywhere!’ exclaimed Sheetal, dumping her bag on the floor, her face scrunched up in anger. ‘What happened?’ asked Deepali, as she opened her lunch box and the aroma of Chicken Curry wafted out. ‘Arre, gussa thook de (spit out […]

My 3 Mood Uppers! #ThankfulThursdays #Week30

My 3 Mood Uppers! #ThankfulThursdays #Week30

My mood is pretty much like the weather in Bangalore, it changes often and without any warning * grin * Of course I enjoy the good mood phases, and so do people around me. However, when my mood takes a nosedive, or turns thunderous, I […]

#ThursdayTreeLove #Week8

Ranthambore National Park is not only about Tiger and animal spotting. The landscape in the enormous park is stunning, no matter what the season may be. As Jeeps jump over these rough paths trees flash by in a whir , the colours changing rapidly. This […]

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