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Egg Kagina

Egg Kagina is a simple and versatile dish and a must try for Egg lovers. If you haven’t already relished it, that is. This Omelette Pancake is quick to rustle up and can be eaten as a meal with parathas as an accompaniment, enjoyed as an appetizer or works even just a snack. I enjoy it with good old white bread too.

Kagina is a traditional Persian dish and the name is a literal translation Kag is Egg and Ina is related to. It is also known as Ande ka Khagina in Hyderabad and is a popular breakfast dish there.

When I was learning to cook, The Husbands Aunt taught me to make Kagina, and I got it right the 1st time around. Which is why this dish is doubly special for me. I am not fond of eggs, at all. I usually like them in my hair, in a hair pack, but I always make an exception for Kagina.

The Kagina is also one of The Husbands favorite dish. It is made at least once a week at home and when I am at a loss about what to make for dinner this dish is my savior. Get the recipe here


I think to be happy one must be like water, moving, taking the shape or form of where you flow or are poured. In other words, it is necessary to Evolve. To change with change is something I have never regretted doing. The days gone by were good and the days to come would be even better is a thought that keeps me going. Clinging to the past or the old ways and not letting it go or letting things change assures a bleak future, and even more to complain about. The only way to move forward and to be happy is to Evolve.

I am a bundle of Excitement about everything, from learning how to work a new app or plugin to planning a holiday! And I am Enthusiastic about helping as many people as I can and it whatever way I can. That is what keeps me going. That is the only way I know to Exist.


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26 thoughts on “E is for… AtoZ Challenge

  1. I recently turned into a eggetarian from being a vegetarian for 23 long years. So haven’t heard of this. But will check it out since I am always looking for something easy and quick to cook. Ofcourse yummy too 😉


  2. I loved your version of Egg Kagina. We make something similar and call it Egg Pizza. Am going to try your recipe for sure, the next time.
    Yes, changing and evolving ourselves with time is the way it should be. Like they say, if you dont evolve, you will dissolve.

  3. I love eggs and egg kagina sounds interesting. I am surely going to try this recipe as this looks like something which can save me on the days when I am clueless what to cook. Hopping over to the recipe post 🙂

  4. I love anything with Eggs. 🙂 So, needless to say, I am going to try this version.
    And yes, evolving is how it should be. You should learn from your mistakes, learn to let go of things that hurt you and love what you do.

  5. Ande ka Khagina , is usually a side dish in my house and not a breakfast dish as it is considered to be on in Hyderabad. After potatoes, eggs are something which are always handy in my pantry. A simple egg can go with roti’s and paratha’s, scrambled eggs with bread, cheese omelet to satisfy that untime hunger, sweet dish like egg pudding to pamper tastebuds, boiled eggs for that extra punch of protein and energy, lot more variations make these eggs always merrier to me.

  6. As much as it looks tempting, it’s not my cup of tea! Not that I have a problem with eggs, but it’s more like, eggs have a problem with me! Yeah… I’m allergic to eggs… even a single bite affects my system!


  7. Be like water is a wonderful way to be, Mayuri! Hugs! This Kagina looks great as a sandwich filler too! Rather, a garlic bread loaf filler. Yummy. I will try it! I occasionally buy eggs but get bored quickly after the boiled/omelette.

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