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Belagavi Kunda

Belagavi Kunda was a sweet that was created accidentally, when a sweet maker left a large quantity of milk on the stove and forgot to switch off the flame. The Milk continued to boil for hours till it formed a brown mass. The Sweet maker returned after a while , to his ‘mistake’ ,and liked what he tasted. He modified it by adding sugar to it and and decided that this brown mass would be a sweet and named it Kunda, after his daughter.

Belagavi Kunda is also known as Belgaum Kunda as it originated form the Belgaum region of North Karnataka. Interestingly enough it was created by Rajashthani cooks, called Purohits, who had migrated to Belagavi more than 6 decades ago.

The preparation of Kunda requires a few ingredients and a lot of muscle power, as you need to keep stirring it without a break until it is done. The effort is more than worth it, as, besides toned arms, you get the grainy softness and sweetness of the Milk that has now formed into a solid with the delicate hint of caramel from the caramelized sugar that gives it its earthy colour. The Kunda is a very comforting sweet and tastes best when warm or at room temperature. Each time I make it I remember the sweet maker, whose mistake gave us this delicious treat. Not all mistakes are bad, are they?


My Blog turns a teenager this May! Yes, I complete 13 years of Blogging in 2017!

I had 8 different blogs when I started. Along the way I lost interest in some while I gave extra attention to the others. In September 2016 I made an impulsive decision and went self -hosted and Deliciously Alive – my blog morphed into Sirimiri, my site.

Last month I added my Food and Travel blogs to this one and Sirimiri is now a Lifestyle Blogazine.

13 years is a long journey and I am happy to have experienced the changes in the blogging world along the way. From writing being the most important aspect of Blogging to your blog ranking being more important than your writing, I have ridden this carousel that has stopped at various points and showed me different sights, as I enjoyed both, the sights and the ride.

Newer changes are always exciting to know and learn. Some are fads while others stay. Evolving with changes around, in the blogging world or otherwise, is the best way to be for me. Updating myself, like I update my apps, keeps me going. I am thrilled when people  read my work and tell me they resonate with it. I am thrilled when I see my Blog stats, ranking, likes and comments. I am thrilled when I make new friends through blogging. I am thrilled at the aspect of monetization through my blog. I am thrilled when I meet horrible people and have painful experiences too, as they are just more fodder for characterisations for future stories. Yes, they are!:) I am thrilled to have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly side of Blogging as it as taught me what not to do and what to do often.

Oh, I am thrilled all right to learn new things and adapt to the changes, and wise enough to realize that these are frills and fancies and the real joy of Blogging is, was and will always be good Writing and Reading.

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50 thoughts on “B is for… AtoZChallenge

  1. 13 years wow! And your sense of humor has remained sparkling and witty through out! Congratulations on going self hosted & turning this into a blogazine. This Dish sounds incredibly tasty – do we have an equivalent in North India?

  2. This sounds a lot like the Therattipaal from Tamilnadu, but looks a bit darker in colour. It’s one of my favourite sweets and I love it the best when my Ammamma makes it. Way way better than the store bought ones. The richness of your description together with the picture has made me crave it this morning.

  3. Never heard of this one two but I get what it is. Sweetened khoya and yum taste. Thanks for Sharing the name.
    Congrats on 13 years. Such a big one and wishing you many more.

  4. Loved the sweet description.It’s a slender balance between khoya and burn milk.I know because I often make the latter!I need this made for me.Congratulations on your Blogazine and 13 years of blogging.It will always be writing and reading definitely and the others are necessary window dressings which should help us in our journey.Wisdom sweetened by Belagavi Kunda

  5. I’m not sure I’ve tasted this. I like how it looks though.
    I’m still as awestruck as I was when you first mentioned your blog is turning 13! 13!!!!! Huge congrats!

  6. I was just thinking that this would require a lot of stirring when you mentioned it in the next paragraph 🙂 I haven’t actually had this. Will have to try it out.
    And congrats… I didn’t realize you were ‘old’ in the blogosphere. 13 years is a huge achievement!

  7. 13 years? Whoa! And 8 blogs? I’m fainting. 🙂
    I’ve never heard of this dish. I don’t know if I’m ready for toned arms 😛
    Congrats on your 13 years. Many many many more to come, dear Mayuri 🙂

  8. 13 years!! and 8 blogs!! I’m fainting! It’s really a long time and shows how much you’re committed to it!
    Here’s to many more years to come!


  9. I think my husband’s side also prepare something like this but I don’t remember the name. What a story behind it. Congrats on being a teenager all over again wow blogging for 13 years… That’s awesome.

  10. We seem to be sharing a common path. After this challenge I will definitely connect with you. Kunda seems to be like a fudge toffee while I loved your musings on blogging

  11. This sweet also reminds me of a sweet called milkcake as that is also made from boiling of milk with sugar and stirring for a long time. I loved how you have linked sweets and life. 🙂

  12. i love kunda. and they deliver it home these days! thank goodness for online food stores… after salivating over the story, i am going downstairs to the kitchen and raiding the fridge for the dharwadi pedhas ordered in last week… #foreverfat

  13. I’ve never tasted this treat but I can imagine how it would taste from the appearance. Oh yes! some mistakes mark the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, just like it did for the sweetmaker.
    Congratulations on completing 13 years of blogging & wishing you many more, prosperous years ahead!

  14. Belagavi Kunda is something never heard about. Anyone visiting Belgaum I am sure must be usually asked to carry back at least one packet of the city’s signature sweet .

    Congratulations to both of us! Your blog turns 13 and I complete 13years of blogging in June, entering the 14th year.

  15. Haven’t heard or seen or tasted this sweet before! The story of its origin is awesome! I wish I could create new foods by just leaving things on the gas, and forgetting about them

    Yay! The blog is going to be a teenager, eh? Remember to take care, the temper tantrums are pretty vicious 😛

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