On Honesty #MayTivation

We all know someone, or probably even are that someone, who boasts of being brutally honest.

They wear that badge with pride, trampling on feelings, crushing confidences and sometimes bringing tears to other people’s eyes with their, self-proclaimed version of , ‘Brutal Honesty’. Sometimes making you wonder what do they enjoy more, the brutality or the honesty? Because, more often than not, the very same people cannot accept anyone else being honest with them. And I am not even talking about being brutally honest here, just plain honest.

Honesty is difficult. People may endorse it, claim to have plenty of it but very few people appreciate it.

We may be honest in our mind but on the journey from thought to words honesty usually transforms into diplomacy, and sometimes even lies. For a number of reasons, like we don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings, or don’t want to be disliked being the top two.

Should you be honest then? Yes, please! With people who know you, and will appreciate that trait. With people who know you mean well and won’t hold speaking the truth against you.

What about with the others? Keep mum, or be diplomatic, till you get to know them well enough for them to appreciate your honesty.

5 thoughts on “On Honesty #MayTivation

  1. Oh yes, those brutally honest people. We’ve all met them. It’s better to remain quiet if you’ve nothing nice to say. It isn’t all about being truthful.

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