You #MayTivation

So, who is the most important person in your life?

Go, on tell me.

Let me guess, your parents/siblings/spouse/children? Right?


The most important person in your life should be YOU!

You, because you are the owner of your life.

You, because a healthy relationship with yourself ensures healthy relationships with everyone in your life.

You, because putting yourself first ensures that others follow it too.

You, because when you put yourself first you do the things you want to, and not things you need to.

You, because when you fall in love with yourself it is an affair that lasts a lifetime.

You, because it is YOU.

There is a fine line between being self-centred and self-assured and with experience you will know when not to step over it.

Mayuri Nidigallu

Author: Mayuri Nidigallu

Tarot Card Reader. Writer. Traveler. Sweet Tooth-er. I write from my heart, edit from my mind and hope that my words will touch your soul.

8 Comments on “You #MayTivation

  1. Mayuri… On reading the first line of the postbindid say to myself it was my spouse…. But then ur post did hit me on my head bringing the truth that it is none other than me and myself.

  2. As I began reading the starting lines, my mind began thinking about the important person in my life and then I proceeded further and said Yes it is me, definitely me. When I am alright, I can make the world around me alright. The word Maytivation is highly creative.

  3. I was going to say my son, but then realised that you were going on about self-love and the importance of looking after yourself first.
    IT’s so important, yet we forget about taking care of ourselves so often.

  4. I totally agree but we tend to forget it. It is very important to give importance to US and I always tell my girls too. Love yourself first and say everyday, ‘I love myself.’

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