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When I read Amrita and Tina’s prompt for this week’s Thankful Thursdays I was in a quandary.

There are more than 7 people in my life I am thankful for, and most are not internet savvy, so what do I do? Also, what if I miss mentioning someone, now that wouldn’t be nice, right?

But I was sure I wanted to wanted to write for Thankful Thursday, like I do every week. As writing for it gives me a good feeling, and makes me think of all, and more importantly remember and remind myself, of the things I am thankful for.

So after giving it a bit of thought here is my list. I have tweaked the topic slightly, but the essence remains the same:


The 7 people I am Thankful to ;


The people who invented Electricity: Candle light dinners (I loathe them, btw)and power cuts are fine and tolerable for a while, but imagine living without electricity! Not done, right? It is such an essential part of, and requirement in our lives that thought of living without frightens me! So, a big thanks to William Gilbert and Sir Thomas Browne, who are supposed to have invented it!

The people who invented the Airplane: Ever since I’ve moved away from home, my thanks for this wonderful invention has doubled. Thanks to this flying bird I could have breakfast at home and be with my parents for lunch! And how easy and comfortable traveling all the world has become! Big thanks to, The Wright Brothers

The person who invented the Computer: From a large box with many additional components, called the Desk Top, to a sleek Notebook now, the computer has changed our lives. It is a valuable essential for people who write, and Charles Babbage I can’t thank you enough for it!

The person who invented the Automobile: Even though I don’t drive, the call taxis have been a big support for me, to get around the city, no matter which city I am in. Sit in comfort, away from the heat and dust and read, or fret at the traffic caused my other cars, and reach your destination. Karl Benz, you’re the man!

The people who invented Internet: People say it’s a small world. Well, the internet just shrunk it further, into a tiny particle! You could find anything, or anyone for that matter, and be in touch with your people scattered around the globe at the touch of a button! Thank you, Vint Serf and Robert Kahn

The person who compiled the Dictionary: When I was a school going girl (somewhere in the 7th century BC) The Oxford Dictionary of English was my prized possession. As I grew up, the book shrunk, from a bulky hardback to a pocketbook sized one and it is finally an online app. The Dictionary has been a loyal companion throughout and I need to thank Samuel Johnson for compiling it.

My Parents because of whom I came into this world and enjoy all of the above, and a lot more. Eternally thankful to them!

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4 thoughts on “7 People I am thankful to #ThankfulThursdays

  1. I think your tweaking just made me realize the number 7 was so inadequate.
    But 100 people is probably a better number.
    That makes me feel very happy that we all have a longer list than just 7.The people you mention ,specially internet.What would we do without it.
    Thanks for loving #Thankful Thursdays.
    It’s a great habit to make I guarantee

  2. Awesome post Mayuri. I guess we all tend to thanks our family and friends but this is different and agree with you as its more than 7 people in my list too. I am still confused about what to write for this prompt.

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