Straight #FridayFotoFiction #Week3

If we thought Week1 of #FridayFotoFiction was fun, Week2 surprised us by being even more so! It was interesting to read varied thoughts making up the entries for the same prompt. Tina and I decided the winner individually and when we matched notes we were pleasantly surprised to see the same name; Preethi Venugopala your take on the prompt blew us away!

Congratulations, Preethi!


PhotoPrompt for Week 3



Avik sat in the dimly-lit room, staring mesmerized at the sliver of sunlight that came in through the window. How the dust motes did a happy dance for that brief second when they reached the sunlight before disappearing into oblivion. He never took his eyes off them because if he did the small room began closing in on him, the ammonia fumes of urine had him gasping for breath and as the rough jail blanket bit into him Avik once more recalled his wise father’s words, ‘Always follow the straight path son, no matter how long and difficult it maybe’.

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