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Vanity is my Sanity!



So a bunch of us Girls were having a serious professional discussion when before we realized we were pouring our hearts out to each other (we are Girls, that’s how we roll!)

In the midst of this crazy, baring-our-souls-out, conversation one of us remarked that thankfully we don’t look like all that we’ve all gone through and I said something that we had a good guffaw over. My words were, ‘Vanity is my Sanity’ and long after the conversation was over the words lingered in my thoughts.

You know how we all go through up’s and down’s, some more than the others, some even more than those?  And how we let the world define us and make us feel? How we start looking at ourselves through the eyes of people who do not or should not matter to us?

Well, put a stop to that by chanting Vanity is my Sanity, every time time you feel a negative emotion bubbling up and driving you insane. For each time you frown, you deepen your chances of lines and wrinkles, each time you purse your lips you look mean (yes, you do!) Each time you narrow your eyes, those crow’s feet fanning them lodge in deeper and each time you do this all , you work towards looking harsh and in all probability older than you are. And then you get even more depressed!

And you what is the one single thing that helps undo it all?

A smile.

A true smile that comes from deep within your heart, travels through the starburst of your eyes and blooms on your lips (you are smiling as you read this aren’t you, as you imagine it’s journey?!)

And do you have any idea how expensive cosmetic treatments are these days? No? Then lucky you, as ignorance is bliss.

So, send up a prayer of Gratitude for all that life has brought you and taught you. And an extra special one for those who you think may have wronged you.


The ones you didn’t stand by you, taught you to stand alone.

The ones who didn’t speak up for you, forced you to find your voice.

The ones who didn’t live up to your expectations made you realise what they were truly worth.

For people can give you only what they have, it is our folly that we expect what they can’t.

So whenever you think your problems are big, remind yourself that as long as you have a roof over your head, have not skipped your last meal, have more than 3 pairs of clothes and shoes to wear, wi-fi, and don’t owe anyone any money, you are one blessed soul.

Don’t let anyone underserving steal your happiness, rule your thoughts, make you frown and cry and give you wrinkles. Save up the money, you would later use to undo all the damage you did to yourself, and go on a holiday instead and smile, and repeat to yourself Vanity is my Sanity!



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