She carefully watched and mirrored everything she saw.

Her gestures, her diction, her walk, how she laughed.

She demanded a haircut similar to hers, and clothes too.

She wanted everything she had.

And the Mother smiled down at her mini-me Daughter as she chucked her under her cherubic chin and playfully called her a ‘Copycat’

 Written for The Daily Post prompt, ‘Copycat’



Published by Mayuri Nidigallu
Tarot Card Reader. Writer. Traveler. Sweet Tooth-er. I write from my heart, edit from my mind and hope that my words will touch your soul.

6 thoughts on “Copycat

  1. This is so cute and true for all daughters.My little one loves dressing up with my stuff.It’s an endearing way to bond with my little girl

  2. Very cute post Mayuri. All girls are copycats of their moms and I experience this everyday with my girls. Especially younger one who likes dressing up with my dupattas and my stoles.

  3. I was my mother’s 😀 Then I grew up and became the mirror opposite -_-

  4. Aww.. that’s super-cute! We all want to be like our mothers. don’t we? I used to take her duppatta and tie as my saree too 🙂

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