October Gratitude Post


Gratitude felt and expressed every day brings more your way, has been my belief for a long time now. No matter what may not be going right for you in your life, we always but always have something to be thankful for, even if it may be just one tiny thing. And if you concentrate on that one good thing or the few good things that seem to be going right for you, it becomes possible to minimise all that may not be. It does take practice, and once you make it a habit to do so, and you’ll see that you have more and more that makes you happy and less of what does not.

I have been reading various Gratitude posts from fellow bloggers and finally got down to writing mine. I hope to make it a monthly ritual.

October was a crazy month! With travel, a few not so pleasant surprises thrown in and it wrapped up with the biggest festival of the year, Diwali.

The month was a mix of the good and the unpleasant and I’ve learnt to be grateful for both. So, October left my heart filled with Gratitude for;

Guidance: I have been looking to start writing again but hadn’t found the ‘push’ I needed to, until I discovered BlogChatter, a community of like-minded bloggers where we have fun while we write. I finished a month long daily writing challenge in October with an amazing group and felt so good about it, that I have signed up for more!

Change: After Blogging for 12 solid years on Blogger, I took an impulsive plunge and moved to a self-hosted blog. A biggie for a tech-challenged person like me. But Host My Blog, who made it happen, have been wonderful and continued to be so. My blog is still taking shape, as I make new additions and subtractions to it, but I am happy with how it looks now.

Help: Whether from my wonderful fellow bloggers who help out daily, with suggestions and feedback and by reading and sharing my posts and leaving encouraging comments that spur me to write even better. With a special mention to Dr Amrita, for being the warm, wonderful and always helpful person she is. I am truly grateful for the help that has poured in from everywhere.

Decisions: I made which broke my heart, but were absolutely required. I went through the people in my life with a fine tooth comb to sift out the ones who were hindering and harming me, in the guise of Friendship, and had to take some tough decisions and let some go. And now I only wonder why I waited so long to do so.

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have—life itself.” ~ Walter Anderson

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18 thoughts on “October Gratitude Post

  1. You are spot on about gratitude. Just like love it grows by giving, by allowing it room in our heart making life so very beautiful.
    Glad to connect with you via NaBloPoMo. Blogging is a life changing journey and am glad you’ve found many wonderful reasons to feel so.
    Keep writing!

  2. I have seen that God gives us exactly what we want.The problem is we ourselves rarely know what we want.For the people who do ,opportunities and things happen.Blogchatter and you happened in my life at the same time.
    While I was looking for belonging to a community of like minded people ?I was also looking for friends who sing the same tune.
    I think for thankful Thursday my Internet connection has to be thanked too for making this friendship possible.
    Great post Mayuri.Glad you are linking up for thankful Thursday.

  3. Mayuri,
    This is such an apt and bang on post for gratitude. I have always loved your posts. I am glad we could connect. And Amrita truly has been one big help. I hope you have awesome months ahead.

  4. Gratitude helps us to count our blessings and also to see whats there instead of what isn’t. It is important to take some tough decisions in life sometimes and I am glad you did that. I am looking forward to meet you soon and agree about Amrita..she is like a guiding angel in our lives. 🙂 More power to you and your blog, my friend 🙂

  5. What a lovelypost on gratitude and I was nodding as I was reading for my blogging, self hosted and blogchatter community helpers…
    I am also letting go of some “friendships” where I have been feeling used and abused- it s not easy but damn it needs to be done.
    I will try to do a gratitude post next week I guess to link here. (push me pls) 😉

  6. Mayuri such a nice little gratitude list. It’s always great to go self hosted. I did that too this year and i think I am happy i took that plunge. Thank you for Linking up.

  7. They say `Put some Gratitude of Attitude. There is Always something to be thankful for.` & you have put it so well.

    I really appreciate your kind words & wishing you much happiness and success.

    Happy Blogging!

  8. Gratitude when practiced is a great way to let go of negative feelings and attract positivity. Yes sometimes we do say something which might hurt others but as long as it is best for us, I think we need to tell it out.
    This month was special for me too, I got huge gifts for my birthday which surprised me. I also am launching my own brand.
    This was a super duper month for me.

  9. I started doing gratitude post since last month. It’s a great way to look back to the things that made us happy and be thankful for. And yes, Mayuri. Sometimes we need to let go of things that harm us. It’s a good thing to do.

  10. Gratitude is a wonderful thing to cultivate. Here’s hoping that every month is as fulfilling as the last one. Glad you’ve found your blogging mojo through blogchatter. Do check out Vidya ‘s blog every last Thursday for the gratitude link up.

  11. Like you said, gratitude is lovely. I have been at monthly list for over a year and I can’t now. It’s a part of my life. Good to know that you are back with a bang and with your self-hosted blog. It’s a feel-good thing 🙂
    Have a lovely November 🙂

  12. Welcome to the Gratitude Circle bloghop, Mayuri, although I could have sworn you’re already a part of it!

    Hugs. I think you are so strong and courageous. Letting go is never easy and is bound to cause pain, but it is often worth it. Focusing on things and people that make you happy is so important. Congratulations on the blog move. Sending you love. I am grateful we are connected. Wishing you happiness always!

  13. Gratitude is a great habit to cultivate. I have been doing gratitude posts and I find them fulfilling. Here’s wishing you the very best with blogging and life.

  14. I truly believe they gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. When you focus on all that is good and right in your life, the things that are going wrong don’t seem that huge anymore. Blogchatter has been instrumental in helping me with my blogging journey too, and I’m grateful to have found wonderful friends like you through them. 🙂

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