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BlogBuddies #InkMagic

Writing is a solitary exercise

It is just your words and you

Thoughts and ideas do join in

Some old, others new

But who do you turn to

If you need an eye or ear

An honest opinion and a different view

Someone with to read and share


That’s where BlogBuddies come in

Diverse people, diverse minds

Opinions so varied that you may not agree with

But might consider on hindsight

Different people with the same goal

To encourage, help write and share

To shower with praise and point out flaws

Like a true Buddy who cares


I almost missed this opportunity

As a newbie I was unaware and remiss

I missed signing up for this campaign and that was tragic

Till BlogChatter honoured my plea and made me part of InkMagic


Meet my BlogBuddies

And we are Team InkMagic


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