Between the Pages


People are like books
Don’t judge them by their covers
For what’s on display and what is inside
Differs from one to another
Some books are so attractively packaged
They are the first to attract you on the shelves
As soon as you turn the pages you realize, they are just empty shells
Some covers are so sedate, boring and plain
Your eyes look past them time and again
But upon reading, each page surprises you
There was so much hidden in there, you didn’t have a clue!
Then there are the Paperbacks, only good for a light read
Once they serve their purpose, for them there is no further need
Encyclopedias are another, tomes of knowledge they provide
Bought out only when needed,
Otherwise on shelves they occupy places of pride
Magazines filled with gossip, maligning people without a thought
They only make good reading, when you’re on the pot!
Then there is the good old Dictionary, which holds so many answers inside
It accompanies you like a trusted friend and grows with you side by side
There are so many books, as there are people
Here I’ve mentioned just a few
I hope I’ve set you thinking
Which of these books are you?

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  1. Wah! Such profound thoughts 🙂

    I think I’m like a comic book. I look funny, and do tend to make you laugh. But like stories of Calvin and Hobbs and lots of other comics, I do raise and address some serious questions/issues 🙂

  2. Its a very tricky question and I dont know how to answer. I think I am like the autobiography of Steve Waugh – Out of my comfort zone. A sedate cover but an impression and memories of life time. Have always challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and sort something challenging. Nice write up

  3. I would have to fall under ‘sedate, boring and plain’ … well, atleast my non-existant love life would suggest that 😀

  4. Interesting poem, describing people in biblio terms. Quite clever Keep writing.


  5. I would like to differ Mayuri .Some books look great and have awesome stuff inside.Like you .I hope to be like that some day.
    A very beautiful poem .Thought provoking.

  6. You couldn’t have depicted it better than that…our books ae mirror image of the people and their complex emotions.

  7. I think I will fall into a paperback that too a romantic one!

    So beautifully penned verse, Mayuri! Liked it. 🙂

  8. I would be a dull plain book with hidden mysteries and splashes of joy and subtle hints of romance.

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