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Said it like A Man!


Why are words so important to women everywhere?
Why do they need words from us, to show that we care?
Why the need to spell out, that what we feel
What is it about ‘saying’ what’s in our minds and our hearts
What’s the big, bloody, deal??!!

We order black coffee because you like yours without cream
We order dessert even though you say ‘NO’, and smile as you wipe our plates clean
We don’t change channels, when brain dead Television you want to view
We go ahead and book tickets first, just so that you don’t have to stand in queues

We always give you the last bit of chocolate, left at the ends of ice-cream cones
We don’t interrupt you when you speak for hours on end to your mother on the phone
We smile and eat badly cooked dinners
And no, we never wish you were thinner

Our hearts are in our mouths, every time you drive the car
Still we sit besides you hoping we could be someplace safe and far
We can’t say ‘The Words’
We’ll never do
But these million ways say what we can’t that, ‘I Love You’

P:S: With this poem I have attempted to speak on behalf of all the men who lose the power of words and vocabulary when pressured by Women to be more verbally emotive. I hope I may have done some justice to your thoughts, with these words 🙂

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