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The Oyster and Sand


This is a fable of long ago
you’ve probably heard it
but I’ll tell you once more
It’s about an Oyster and a grain of Sand
and a little bit of how fate plays it’s hand

It all started on a bright, sunny day
which the Oyster had decided to sleep away
but then came in a grain of sand
which irritated the Oyster enough to change it’s plan

The Oyster was snoring, it’s mouth open wide
the sand was wandering looking to hitch a ride
somehow it found a way into the open mouth
decided to stay put because try as he might he couldn’t get out!

The Oyster awoke from his sleep so deep
angry at whoever had disturbed his peace
It tried to spit out, it tried to chew
But the grain stayed put no matter what he would do

Exhausted he decided he would smother it inside
and began secreting ‘nacre’, a substance strong and vile
Layer upon layer, coat upon coat
The grain of sand was choking and the Oyster would gloat

A long time passed this way, and many years
Till the grain of sand had turned into a beautiful pearl
So this fable can teach us what we can do
Turn adversity around and make it work for you

For if an Oyster could do it
What’s stopping you?

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