3 Day – 3 Quote Challenge : Day 3


You hear so many people saying this these days.

What does it even mean?
When you love yourself, it is like being in a relationship with yourself.
And the basic requirement for every relationship is respect, trust and understanding.
So when you love yourself you respect yourself enough to say no to all choices may cause you anything but good, like the wrong kinds food, habits and decisions.
Trust your instincts to help you make decisions and do not berate yourself if your decision doesn’t turn out to be right, because making right decisions comes from making mistakes, and learning from them.
Understand yourself to be gentle and patient with you as you go through life enjoying one day at a time.

I was tagged by NovembersChild for this Challenge, just when I was wondering what my next post topic would be!:)

I now Tag Menaka to take this forward

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8 thoughts on “3 Day – 3 Quote Challenge : Day 3

  1. Easier said than done! I try so hard to be in love with myself first and then others, but I fail every time!

    No matter how it may seem, but I’m sure it’s totally worth it!

    Loved the quote that you brought it!


  2. The last line ‘Understand yourself to be gentle and patient with you as you go through life enjoying one day at a time’ is what I need to learn and practice.

    A nice quote, Mayuri.

  3. Great quotes once again. I love the first one. One should always love the self first so that we can spread love.

  4. Well said and so true Mayuri! But its easier said than done, I guess! Procrastination is something that wreaks havoc all the time!

  5. Hey Mayuri! very nice quote..when are you going to tag me…Menaka Bharathi has recently published //http://simpleindianmom.in/ simple-indian-moms-focus-kreative-mommy-deepa-choreographer-blogger/

  6. nice quote you choose & very well explained

  7. Well said Mayuri! One day at a time.

  8. Very well expressed your emotions.

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