3 Day – 3 Quote Challenge : Day 1


The reason most of us find it so difficult to Let Go is because we believe in being in or wanting control.
Rather ironic isn’t it, to realise that whatever it is that you wish to control actually controls you.
Letting Go may seem seem difficult, but once you learn to you realise how liberating it is.
Learn to let go.
Let it all go
And see what stays.
That is all you need.

I was tagged by NovembersChild for this Challenge, just when I was wondering what my next post topic would be!:)

Published by Mayuri Nidigallu
Tarot Card Reader. Writer. Traveler. Sweet Tooth-er. I write from my heart, edit from my mind and hope that my words will touch your soul.

7 thoughts on “3 Day – 3 Quote Challenge : Day 1

  1. I love fall colours..I remember we specially used to go t different places to see fall colours when we were in US..Beautiful quote 🙂

  2. What you are trying to control , controls you is just about how I realised a couple of days back how i was living. That’s when i decided to let it go . Your quote is basically me talking [ in brief , wink wink]

  3. After reading the quote, I realized that I have at times let go of plenty of things and it feels good that I let them go.

  4. indeed let the life goes on & accept changes . changes are for for good 🙂

  5. It is human nature,isn’t ? The need to be in control, when it happens otherwise it hurts. There are so many thing to let go. I am trying. I love this quote. Happy blogging! 🙂

  6. Lovely words, Mayuri!

    On another note, could you please connect your tweet button to your twitter handle so it is easier to tag you when we tweet your posts?

  7. it’s like falling in love with the ground. It was crisp and golden beauty hath such grace as in autumn.

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