Day 1 – The Broken Promise #55words #Drabbleweek

Day 1- The broken promise
She had to do it.
Much had been lost, though to be honest she had only gained. 
She bit her lip, placed her hands beneath her thighs and recollected his words, ‘promise me.’

Exhaling an exasperated sigh, she grabbed the bar of chocolate, the broken promise of a diet disappearing like a wisp of smoke.

5 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Broken Promise #55words #Drabbleweek

  1. This is too adorable a take on the prompt. Mayuri 😀 Loved it! She sounds like me 😉

    Shailaja/The Moving Quill

  2. I am battling the urge by the hour.
    Oh boy it takes courage I tell you 😉

  3. Hahaha! Loved your take on it. The urge is a difficult one to battle. I feel like heading to the pantry now!! 😉 ~Simran

  4. I've been making and breaking that promise since adolescence. Loved that first line .. Much had been lost.. Though she had only gained!

  5. Glad you'll stopped by, with your delightful comments, Shailaja, Pallavi, Simran and Tulika:) So, we've all been there and done that, eh?:))

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