The Husband Chronicles – Part 18

The Husband claims to have embarked on a healthier lifestyle recently. *rolls eyes*
He’s given up on milk, and all milk products, meat, chicken and eggs, until and unless they are country-bred and free range, says he’s weaning himself off coffee, tea and other beverages *eyes rolling away madly * and the list continues to grow every day. *eyes rolling away at a furious pace*
The only delicacy he appears to enjoy feasting on seems to be my brain, which is a fast dwindling reserve thanks to wracking it to think of meals to conjure up with a the pitiful list of foods allowed. *madly rolling eyes fall off face*

2 thoughts on “The Husband Chronicles – Part 18

  1. damn, that is too much i say… start giving him boiled sprouts, and grains daily and then his resolve will dissolve 😀

  2. Don’t do the mad rolling eye thing anymore.I can’t stop laughing

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