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And the well-deserved WWW Award goes to…

…Ms Vidya Balan!
I can’t believe I’ve pipped J. Lo to win the WWW Award
What shall I wear to receive it? Ummmm…let’s see…
How about the salwar kameez I fashioned out of the saree Mum was throwing away…
…or the one I made out of that lovely tussar silk and kalamkari tablecloth Akka got me from Rajasthan…
…or my favorite, which I designed out of the rich bedspread I received as a gift while inaugurating a home store in Delhi…
…or the one I tailored out of the curtain cloth  everyone at home vetoed because of the ghastly color…
Guess I’ll wear my new salwar kameez, which I fashioned out of a block-printed bedsheet…
Thank you, all you lovely people, for bestowing me with the Worst-dressed-Woman-in-the-World Award.
I’ll strive to remain worthy of it as long as I live!

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